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Some Random Philosophy in Diagrams

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posted on Aug, 23 2020 @ 01:18 PM
Reality can be understood like this: a point-counterpoint dynamic. Thank Jakob von Uexkull for this pithy concept

If we now proceed farther, we enter environments in which very effective phenomena appear, visible, however, only to the subject. These phenomena are not bound to experience, or, at most, to a singular experience. We call such environments magical...Such experiences are frequently encountered by traveling researchers in the case of primitive peoples. It is said of primitives that they live in a magical world in which fantastic phenomena blend with the sensually given things of their world. Whoever looks closer, however, will find the same magical formations in the environment of cultivated Europeans. – Jakob von Uexkull, A Foray into the Worlds of Man and Animal

But lets add the concept of "tensional integrity", or 'tensegrity', to describe how two points relate:

Lets call point, a 'transcendental sign', and a counterpoint, a "dynamical object". The sign is love; the objects are the objects of the material world around us - subparticles to atoms to rocks to suns, planets, animals etc. Let's get a diagram for this:

Ok? The Big bang followed upon a cosmic inflation process - virtually the same as the kabbalistic "tzimtzum', or contraction. Paradoxically, a space is created, and the space itself induces an asymmetry. It creates the order of Time - a temporality which, from the perspective of the forces which make up the cosmos, have this temporal ordering:

Gravity comes first when the subatomic plasma states of the early universe create some areas with more than others; then the strong force emerges when matter is crunched together, causing protons and neutrons to merge; then the weak force comes - some neutrinos decided to split apart from their mirror - as Frank Close notes, the neutrino is the material instantiation of "lucifer". But as noted above, space is the more primary physical cause of asymmetry. Nevertheless, neutrinos squeeze out of the sun-forming process and spread far and wide throughout the cosmos. Next, electromagnetism comes, and its basically here that chemistry begins and the universe (along with gravity) takes on a specific sort of form.

Fast forward some 13.77 billion years and we arrive at Earth, in the milky way galaxy (a spiral one), revolving around a sun about half way between the radioactive inner and cold and barren outer arms. It is here that social organisms evolve, and love emerges. Love is the quintessence, the fifth force of nature, built upon and out of the previous forces in the universes temporal architecture. Love is paradoxically like gravity: it is attractive; and yet, like gravity, love - or rebuffed love - can have a profoundly repulsive effect: it is theorized that dark energy is the repulsive effect of gravity. Weird eh?

So quite simply, love is the experience of experiencing yourself being positively known by another. There are two sides here: the active side looks like this:

and the passive side like this:

Your experience is literally the expression of physical laws which enforce the phenomenological state in question. When someone loves you, we can conceptualize the interaction as having this form:

Someone acts in a way - in body language, facial expression, eye gaze or vocal tone, which conveys the feeling and intent their having as they act. Love is enactively expressed and known in action. There is no such thing as 'abstract love' - it is either expressed in behavior, or its not.

When the behavior is perceived, the body resonates with it. The body forms a 'point', the imminent point from the first diagram. And then in reflection, the self, implicitly referring to a really nice affective state, will propose something. Conversely, if love isn't present, a whole slew of complicated transformations take place; the body speaks first - the reflective mind usually just relies upon the existing cultural scaffold to make sense of whats being felt.

A whole culture emerges from this dyadic interchange:

Since we're living in probably the 6th 7th millennium since civilization arose, we have a very screwed up culture indeed. Indeed, we're suffering from spiritual pollution which denuminizes our relationship to the objects around us - to our own feelings, to our bodies, to other people, and to the world. All of this is actually emergent from the process of development:

Intersubjectivity (non-verbal cues) come first; they set the template for interpretation of feelings - second; and feelings form the ground of our metaphysical reasoning so that, in the end, our metaphysical constructions are really outgrowths of the metaphorical structure of intersubjectvity.

Consciousness, intellectual interpretation - better referred to as a culturally afforded reflexive reflectivity - and embodied feeling, all are intimated in the book of books - the Holy Hebrew Bible:

Here, the metaphors of God, Adam, Eve, and the snake correspond to something in you and in the world: in you God is consciousness; in the world its the world; Adam is your intellectual interpretation - which in the world is your brain; Eve is your feeling body, which in the world is your actual body. And the snake - the deceiver, is the experience of fear, and in the world, its the logical interplay of organisms as it is exists in our own phylogenetic history. We fear because evolution began from just that starting point - it doesn't end there, however.

The snake - fear - speaks to Eve (ChaWaH in Hebrew, the body); she experiences the influence of fear, and hence, once under fears control, Eve - the feeling body - communicates its message to Adam, the intellect. Notice how logical the narrative is: first is fear - lower level brainstem; then feeling - a midbrain structure; then, intellect, a higher level cortical structure. Together, Adam - intellect - and Eve - feeling body - are dissociated from the transcendental knowings of consciousness: we are here being taught about the primal significance of dissociation. Dissociation is the splintering of consciousness from intellect and bodily feeling; it splits the world into two unrelated parts. The ontological unity of self and other is lost.

We can look at this process from the perspective of causation: in a certain sense the highest cause is the transcendental sign - love - symbolized physically as the process of symmetry. The mind cannot "run away" from what it is built from. Dissociation is a process that only hurts yuo in the end:

Long before civilization arose, the human being, Homo Sapiens, the wise one, experienced itself subjectivity as synonymous with the universe itself. The awe which permeated its experience had made into, quite understandably, the 'caretaker of creation'.

But in falling from such a state of grace, we are confused: look at how much dissonance exists in communication itself:

We have to sort the logic of this:

or this:

All because of this:

posted on Aug, 23 2020 @ 01:31 PM
I love anything to do with the further advancement and theories regarding "cosmic evolution", I believe everything is connected down to the atomic and molecular level, and beyond. We are all bound to become a collective at some point.

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posted on Aug, 30 2020 @ 02:40 AM
Impressively explained!

posted on Aug, 30 2020 @ 08:11 AM
I personally don't belwive that the Snake represents fear as much as it would be wisdom, in most cases. I think it represents our baser instincts, or reptilian(more primitive) part of our being, yet, the lowly wyrm was smart enough to talk or even evade gods gaze an fool Eve. Maybe God was to busy staring at Eve body, or maybe it was Adam since they both weren't around, an he is own image with washboard abs too.

It did tempt her with her own curiosity into biting into the fruit of knowledge by claiming they'd be gods if they do. Only to be struck by fear or shame, or better yet, own mortality.

Thing is, if there were an actual garden of eden, cradle of civilization, or golden age, and if we stayed in there. We might as well still be apes, hanging with God's little creature watching out for pythons. If it were about the fruit of immortality, it be Adam an Steve, and theyd be water bears, and not have to worry about the pains an labors of raising a family.

What about cellphones an tablets being adding into the mix of cognitive dissonance, an cutting people off from reality? Seems like the back of their mind not on the present but dwelling to much on the past or future by looking bright lights an flashy colors.

It is wise to be cautious of the dark, not for fear of the dark itself, but what it could be hiding. If nothing there, wouldnt it be childish to still fear it.

As for the light....don't blink, you might miss it all.

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posted on Sep, 2 2020 @ 05:57 AM
In the clear zen it describes all things..?

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