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Old UFO Crash and Alien autopsy video. Hoax or not?

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posted on Aug, 18 2020 @ 12:30 PM
a reply to: kloejen

I have my own view about time travel, I don't believe it is actually possible outside of fixed event's such as a wormhole linking two point's and then the wormhole is likely only operating at below the sub atomic level so how do you travel through that, I believe the paradox problem also argues very well against LINEAR time travel.

But what about alternative reality's, imagine you go back in time (somehow I'll let someone else figure that one out though I could get into all manner of travelling between parallel reality's if they were stable which they actually may no be? - I hypothesize that as parallel - branching - reality's come - diverge - into being they also go back out of being - perhaps a quantum gravitational shock wave when ever a true black hole is formed is enough or even just maybe wormholes could stabilize and knit back together divergent reality's aka Mandela affects), you find yourself in a past that in every way is exactly identical to your own and you then go and prevent yourself being born, problem you are still there though the version of you that would have been there is no longer in existence, solution you have not time travelled but entered the time stream at a point were it diverged from your own reality and in yourself your own personal time stream remains intact but you like some Kasper Hauser or like this guy,

You realize that you have not actually time travelled but instead have passed into a different version of the world, is it time travel OR have you just past into a branching reality were thing's are just behind and causality is somehow slower and behind your original reality by the number of years you think you have travelled?.

If this is possible then there may be any number of reality's, other earths whose entire history is different were a different species to humanity has city's, fly's exotic vehicle's, has fought it's own wars etc, and if it is even remotely possible then however remote that possibility may be then it IS possible that we could have beings from other reality's sometimes slipping into our own and vice versa.

In the Philippines the locals have an urban legend about a city called Biringan City, there have been many accounts of people wandering into this city and then like many ghost story's finding that the city is not there, going to sleep in there vehicle at the side of the road after getting lost there and waking up the next morning only to find they are in the middle of a field in there car and far from any roads, strange orders passing through dock's addressed homes and business in this this city that does not exist or does it, perhaps it exists and is not just an urban legend but is located in a place were somehow it is so close to our own reality that it sometimes exists here even though it does not.

In all likelihood it is just an urban legend but once again what if?.
(and how many similar story's have you heard?)
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posted on Aug, 18 2020 @ 02:01 PM

originally posted by: mirageman
It was a mockumentary. A hoax. Call it whatever you want. But it was all made up.

How a UFO could crash like that and there'd be no damage to the treeline a few feet behind it?

Here's a couple of links from people who delved a bit deeper.
In an old thread on this subject, someone posted some of the photos/video captures where it was easy to tell the "saucer" was a model/fake. It was posted on imgshack in the old thread and the link died, but I saved it and uploaded it to ATS, note especially the second image where it looks really fake where you can see the edge of the model.

Originally from a 2007 thread which I re-posted in this other thread in 2010:

Top Secret KGB UFO Files: The Russia Crash of 1969

Buddhasystem was Russian or at least could read Russian and pointed out some problems with the uniforms and Russian inscriptions not matching:

originally posted by: buddhasystem
IMHO it's most definitely fake (and was indeed discussed on ATS years ago).

The soldiers and officers in the film are in infantry uniform (not the KGB as the title would suggest), I can tell that by the color of their strips. The way they "establish the perimeter" is entirely fake. They crowd the front area of the alleged craft and don't cover the rear of it. They point their guns towards the people doing investigation instead of surveying the outside of the area. The type of truck in the movie is rarely used for transporting personnel (although it's possible).

The physical film itself is presented in a box with Russian inscriptions that don't match the type of film.

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