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Do the dead weep for us????

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 11:56 AM
This is a dream I had over the weekend which I intend to write about in greater detail. But i´m curious to know your interpetations!

Standing alone in a funeral home, realizing no one´s around, no one I love, not my children, family, lover, friends. There´s only the priest giving a heart tugging eulogy devoted to each name from my present relationships that I adore. I begin crying realizing that somehow they have died....but how, I´ve totally lapsed in memory.
Now I´m standing in the cemetary surrounded by tombstones elequeantly (?) engraved with the names of my loved ones, I break down crying, reading the touching tribute to each of them, almost like a favorite memory I personally shared with that person etched on the concrete of their tombstones.
The priest approaches me, puts his hand on my shoulders, speaking softly:
"You´re very sad aren´t you child?" "Yes," I reply "I don´t understand, what happened, what happened?"
"You know, they are incredibly sad too right now, they miss you terribly"
"Why was I supposed to go with them?"
"No, my child you were supposed to STAY with them." I looked at him quizically, not understanding at all what that meant....then I had the sense that I was no longer alone, and I turned and saw my best friend Shannon, My Grandparents, My Uncle, and all the other´s I´ve loved and lost in my life through death. It was then I understood...It was not I who had survived my loved ones, It was I who left them.

Which by the way folks, I´ve already sent a copy of this to myself via snail mail incase I have to prove it was my concept first because posting on here for your opinions opens the door to plagerism.

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