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Why can we not compromise? And other random thoughts.

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posted on May, 14 2020 @ 05:12 PM
settle a dispute by mutual concession.

Lets bring back manufacturing but run it all on non or very low polluting energy.

I think some of it really is tribal. Even down to the colors that different groups use.
The all or nothing type system is fine but I think we can do better.

Brain washing happens on so many levels. Maybe the answer is to remove labels?
No more party names and colors. No more gathering in separate groups to vote in our guy against their guy.
Just one big group and anyone that wants to run for any office can do so. We would have to come up with
a way to keep the very rich from having an advantage though.

All drugs should be legal and a business owner should have the right to hire and fire anyone for any reason.
Only safety regulations matter to me. I think the minimum wage inhibits growth. Who's to say what someone else's
business can afford to pay. I would imagine that many don't ever get off the grounds just based on what they legally have to pay a worker.
At the same time the min wage is a joke. No one can live on it. I think the 8 hour day is bs. If your at work or to tired to be with the family then whats the point? What if in a world where we could negotiate work and pay with the business owners everything was more fair?

We are not a society that likes to try new things. I want to try it all, see what works best.
I don't understand traditions. Never have. My life is constantly changing so maybe that's why?

Trump is fine so long as he leaves my healthcare alone. I really like what he was trying to do with china and the tariffs.
He and I and all of you need to stop being so hateful toward those you don't understand or disagree with.

I wish ATS was populated with a broader mix of political ideals.
Or maybe the left right fight happening here is so loud I don't notice much else.

I love gardening. Do any of you grow mushrooms? I'm teaching myself how but so far no luck.
I tried putting lions mane spawn in some filtered coffee grounds. Placed it in a cool dark spot and 2 weeks
later I had worms. Pretty sure its because I over wetted (is that a word?) the grounds. I used a little spray bottle
and sprayed it once a day. It gets over 90 f in my room sometimes but the jar was in the bottom drawer so
I don't think it got to hot.

I think we should just let everyone decide how they want to treat covid and not punish anyone for it.
So those who want to open their business and those who want to work can do that. And those how don't, wont have too.
But we can't , or at least I can't just let a person go homeless just because they have a reasonable fear.
I don't have the answer to this problem though. I work. Only lost two weeks of work so far. But I worked all this week.
I'm willing to pay more taxes for things like universal Basic food, basic shelter, and healthcare.

But it's so hard to trust that anyone in government will spend my tax money the way I want.
I think we should have a list of all government expenditures on our w2. With a check mark next to each one. You want to help fund the military, check. Then show subsets of that. Fund the war in iraq, no check. Do that with everything and show us somehow some way the details when it's spent so that we know were our money went.

We don't know were our money ever goes.

posted on May, 14 2020 @ 06:33 PM
I like some of your ideas. They sound kind of libertarian, but a little different from that. Yeah, I hear you on labels. Kinda goes with name calling. Depending on our political bent, we get called snowflakes, sheeple, libtards, alt right, nazis, etc. There’s a lot of name calling. When we don’t like what someone says, we call them names. Kinda silly, and people just get tired of it. We’re (mostly) adults here. Why can’t we be more civil?

What you said about someone hiring or firing you for no reason. That already happens in many workplaces. In the job I retired from, our employee handbook said in the very first paragraph “We reserve the right to fire you for any reason or no reason at all.” We had a union before that, so that was a bitter pill for some to swallow. I know the whole make every drug legal thing works in some smaller countries in Europe, but I don’t think that would go over very well in the U.S. We’re too big and too messy to make that work.

Negotiating pay and working hours would be pretty cool. I’m all for a more flexible thing in that. As an example, I wanted to do what some did at my job and work four 10 hour days and have a three day weekend. But because I was lower on the totem pole (administrative associate), I didn’t get that choice. Too bad.

People just don’t like change in general. I think some are absolutely terrified of change. I never understood this. Change is constant in most people’s lives. I try to embrace change. I get bored if things are the same for too long. I do like to try new things. You never know you’ll like something unless you try.

Regarding Trump, I do not hate him. I do not hate anybody. I cringe at many of the things he does, but he was elected and he is my President, like him or not. Even as a liberal, I don’t get all loud and shouting about Trump. He isn’t worth my time. Most politicians are not worth my time. They always have their hands in the cookie jar.

I enjoy gardening, though I’m not very adept at it. My husband taught me a lot about gardening. I may give it a go again. I like to grow carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and different flowers. I like seeing my efforts rewarded with good stuff. If I have extra, I just give it away to a food bank.

Regarding COVID-19, I cannot watch the news anymore. There is so much conflicting information on it, and things change every day. The states are all over the map as far as what they’re doing. Most of us are just tired of being cooped up, and want to get out. I miss being around people. My husband had a stroke in February and is permanently in a nursing home. I get really scared he will get COVID-19. He has a lot of medical problems, and I worry it would kill him.

I really like your idea on putting down exactly where we would like our tax money to go. As long as there are a lot of good choices, I’m all for that. I think that would give more power to the average joe. The government would have to work at courting us average joes if they want their stuff funded. There could be incentives.

Thanks for your post and thanks for sharing your thoughts. S&F.

posted on May, 14 2020 @ 09:18 PM
In order to compromise, there has to be trust that both sides will follow through in good faith because each is required to give up something they may not want to.

Politically speaking, this hasn't been happening and there is no trust.

The most infamous example I can think of is the Reagan Amnesty. Yes, Reagan authorized an amnesty for the illegals of that day, but there was supposed to be a grand compromise. The return trade was supposed to be complete border security, including a wall. That half of the compromise was never delivered on once the amnesty was secured.

And that's not the only time such a trick has been played. After a while, the trust needed in order to give is eroded. If you never get in return, why give? Pretty soon, you are where you see things.

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