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NASA Buys Extra Soyuz Seat For $90.2M

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posted on May, 14 2020 @ 12:24 AM
Our medicines are made in China and India. (Hopefully this will all change in the next few years)

If we want to go to the space-station we have over the years been buying Russian space vehicle motors for our rockets and paying Russia to get our astronauts a seat on one of the Russian space craft launches. Again let us all hope this changes by the end of this year. The whole new world order open borders stuff needs to be shelved and in house of basic needs both for defense and critical infrastructure needs to be made a priority. MAGA !

Soyuz capsule
Credit: NASA
CAPE CANAVERAL—In case SpaceX needs more time to begin commercial service of its Crew Dragon transportation system to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA has bought a seat aboard the next Soyuz launch in October...

posted on May, 14 2020 @ 12:46 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Each space shuttle flight had an estimated cost of $1.5 billion. A space shuttle would take 3 astronauts to the ISS. That's $0.5 billion for each astronaut. That's $500 million. Each.

A ride on Soyuz is a bargain.

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posted on May, 14 2020 @ 12:50 AM
I disagree, you suggest we become cavemen again and go back to our caves and put a rock in front of it ?

When it comes to the exploration of space, I suggest we keep it global and transparent.
Space is to big to take on alone, and the stuff we learn should be available to all of humanity.

posted on May, 14 2020 @ 03:14 AM
a reply to: Phage

90 mil is cost of SPACE X Falcon Heavy in recoverable mode (150 mil in full expendable)

For that price could actually launch a shot around the moon ( circumlunar trajectory)

In 2 weeks NASA will attempt to launch Crew Dragon and if Boeing gets its act together with Starliner then will have 2 'means of getting to/from ISS

At that point can tell Russians to frig off ………...

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