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Freemasons are a scapegoat

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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 11:39 AM
(This is not a hate thread)

Firstly, i have read over the years many theories surrounding freemasons and the new world order. One day, i went to visit some masons and they didnt seem the devil worshipping, world dominating force and my views change.

The theory i put forward now, is that the freemasons are being used as scapegoats or sheep by a control force who label them for thie deeds. Who is this force? illuminati? Omega Agency? your guess is as good as mine.

Freemasons are nothing as depict them as being. If they are really planning to take over the world, they really need to gain members who are not friendly and willing to explain anything to you (this is why i feel the masons are being used as scapegoats in the new world order movement).

Here is the picture, freemasons are blamed for a secret plot about taking over the world, lies are brought forwarding to put fear into the masses and everyone looks for a hero. The force that uses freemasons, comes to save the day, everyone accepts the hero. This is how the new world order will work.

posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 09:54 AM
It is an interesting theory.
A rather old-school trick also.

I am fully following your flow of thought, and it does seem plausible.
A little bit of light to shed on the masons concerning doctrine:
Free and Accepted Masonry are both cults, who believe the best way to worship God is by doing good for others.
They have a seperate form of salvation which basically boils down to salvation by works and people can save themselves.

While many members of a sect or order may follow the layed out doctrine, corruption often exists at the top.
Whethere this is a government, society, religion, knightly order, guild, etc...

Take for example a democratic society which values freedom.
While the majority of the people may support freedom unconditionally, some members of the government (higher up in the echelon) could possess their own ambitions involving power and greed.
Or in a modern society, perhaps it is an oppulent philanthropist who, while giving to the poor, actually has no care for them.
You could use various other examples such as corrpution in churches, synagouges, mosques, temples, etc...

While I am not saying Masonry has fallen prey to this, it may have.
However, without any evidence, your theory is, still just a theory.
In it's current text, it seems cohesive and coherent as you pose questions rather than inferences.

Did you have any more ideas concerning this infinite?
- Tass

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