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New Campkill Commentary 40 on FLIR GIMBAL GOFAST

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posted on May, 6 2020 @ 03:14 PM

originally posted by: neformore
Not only that, but I'm fairly sure the US military would not put its name and reputation on the line by releasing a video of a balloon and claiming they don't know what it is.
Thats more or less what they they did though, except they said "“UAV, Balloons, and other UAS” on the video release form. Have you read the internal documents obtained through FOIA release? They tell a different story than the one we've heard from the media:

Internal Air Force/Navy E-Mails on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Revealed

In Elizondo’s own words, the three videos that the Navy admits to designating as “UAPs,” were described as, “UAV, Balloons, and other UAS,” on the official paperwork and written in his e-mails. There is no mention of “phenomena” by Elizondo behind-the-scenes, contradicting his public statements on various media interviews and connected with press releases by TTSA. However, his wording confirms internal stances of the Air Force and some members of the Navy about what the threat actually is.

That would suggest the footage hasn't been analysed numerous times and subject to military intelligence scrutiny.
Not really, they might suspect it's a balloon and the release form certainly indicates they think at least one of the videos is a balloon, otherwise why mention balloons? But they may not know it's a balloon for sure so they call it unidentified.

But hey... a guy without that background says its a balloon... right? Karen from Facebook strikes again....
Not really. If you know High School trigonometry you can analyze the gofast video yourself and calculate it's not going any faster than wind speed. That doesn't mean it's a balloon but it could be. You can also analyse the FLIR video yourself to see if it shows any exceptional performance. It doesn't . Nor does the third video. You're citing things that aren't in the video, and I'm talking about the videos, so please try to understand the distinction, though the media presented a very muddled and conflated story of the two, including showing side by side frames of Fravor telling his story and the UFO in the FLIR video as if they were the same thing. But another pilot made the FLIR video.

It seems like you're conflating what Fravor said with the video made by another pilot.

I wish we had a video made by Fravor of what he saw, but we don't. In fact none of the three videos that are the topic of this thread show UAPs that were seen by the pilots. So when you say

Fully trained naval aviators know a balloon when they see one.
You can't be talking about the videos. None of those objects were seen.

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