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The Interview

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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 09:57 AM
What do you see sir?

What do I see, I see what is to be, what can be, what is possible to be.

Why do you see these things sir?

Because I choose to, I want to know what is to happen so it can be changed.

So why didn’t you see this?

I don’t choose what or when I see, I see what I can and nothing more; as I said before I choose to see, but unlike all those others that can see, I also choose to do something about it.

So what is to be?

I see 30% of the humans dying because of the fall. I see 50% of that being slaughter needlessly. They kill themselves, they get killed by demons. I see those that try and save them. I see those that destroy them but where is that line drawn. Certain sacrifices have to be made, as if, 80% of the humans a necessary sacrifice. Ha, and they say they are saving them. Not to mention butcher the enemy’s children. They couldn’t choose whether to be born or not. No, all they cared about was the human’s survival. To hell with everything else. If I weren’t bound to this, this child, I would have left long ago.

Who is this child you speak of?

A reject of his kind, the only one of his kind, or so he thinks. These were others created who were designed to destroy the original but he grew in power faster than any of them. They faced him only to be destroyed by his evil. They gave up creating that type, too dangerous they said. Many tried to capture him and failed, until he became over confident and got branded. His form which he had taken for years was ruined. He was in shock after so many years not getting wounded and then to be wounded like that. His ego got him captured and his memory erased. Became a servant to all. His memory got erased quiet often. His master didn’t like keeping somebody in the dark to that degree, so he taught him things and only erased what was needed to stop him becoming a weapon once more. His master fell and this awakened him to the truth of what he was, but he was not the same as before, he had feeling and emotion. It got in the way of doing what he loved. He couldn’t take his old form, so he took a new one. At first a upper level fire demon. He held a few legions and always ran into battle with them, but again he became overconfident and fell to his enemy. They too exploited him, cleared his memory and made him fight for them. He was part of a special unit for a time, only to fall again to the wielder of a chaos blade. It coursed through his veins but unlike the many to who he had fallen to before, this one person did not exploit him. He left him for dead or at least close enough to dead. He woke and nothing was how he knew it before. The world had changed. All that he knew was gone. He knew what he and who he was only not why he was here and what had happened. He wondered years trying to find himself. He remember the times he had fallen to enemies because of over confidence, but what devastated him most was that he was defeat, outclassed, outmatched and out powered. He couldn’t bear to live with one greater than himself out there. One who defeated him so easily. So he began working to become stronger. He found someone who promised him great power more power than he could dream of. How could he turn down this opportunity, he had to go for it. Years and years he was taught spellcraft, magecraft and various forms of these magic’s but this was not the power he was promised and these spells were weak. That person was a mage who figured out how to have eternal youth. He told this “masterful” mage that he was leaving because the mage couldn’t for fill his end of the bargain but the mage said that he could do it for the creature. He cast a spell and the creature felt what it truly was to feel pain. His mind was being ripped apart, his power was growing and he thought the mage betrayed him. He felt his energy being twisted and more energy being introduced every second. He fell into the most painful sleep he had ever had. When he woke the mage had become old. The stupid fool didn’t realize all he did was prolong his youth, but when the child woke the mage was now an old mage. The child had a fire burning in him that wasn’t there before and he couldn’t control it. The old mage called it dark fire. An alteration of fire, it was fire in all senses just that all it’s weaknesses were removed and it was more powerful. The old mage taught him how to use this new ability as a weapon. The mage was teaching the child how to destroy a world with fluxing this new energy but the fool forgot to shield himself and was destroyed along with that world’s population and its life. This enraged the child and the first sun of dark fire was born. The child wandered taken different forms over time and joining groups to get rid of his anger and sadness for losing his master. Then he heard of a battle that was going to occur. A big battle and he decided to go. This is the battle that he is still waiting for. That battle that he waits for is this one.

You didn’t answer the question sir, who is the child?

The one to which I am bound, damn it don’t you listen. Ask your question’s I have a place to be.

How old are you if you can call this creature a child?

Didn’t anybody tell you it’s rude to ask for somebody’s age.

Sorry sir

I was messing with you sunny. I’m three times the child’s age. I was there at his creation as well as at the others creation. Those that created him vowed to destroy their research and abandon the project. They thought they were protecting life. No matter how I tried I couldn’t bring the child to destroy them. That would be protecting life.

Who are you sir?

Wouldn’t you like to know, he wouldn’t mind knowing either but neither of you are finding out that, next question.

Why are you bound to him?

I am his guardian, the one to watch him through his existence. To gather information on him. He tried to kill me a few times but I can understand one that young doing something like that. Didn’t know who I was, only that I mocked and criticized him.

What is the child going to do?

Great things no matter what he chooses, for your sake I hope he chooses wisely not to become what he once was. An example of how he was before would be how he destroyed a world and then moved onto the next for fun. I hope he chooses to value life, not end it again.

Sir is there anything else you want us to know?

Not now, the child shall see this and I do not want him to know too much too soon. Actually I will tell you something. His windows to the future are the ones I want him to see. I let him think they are his but now that he knows, tough let him know. Me and my babbling. Hell one last thing can’t hurt. He still probably doesn’t feel any remorse for that which he destroyed or trapped. So enjoy what you have left of your life.

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