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Scientology, Remote Viewing and MKULTRA

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posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 04:13 AM
Hi I'm new here, so please excuse me, if I jump in feet first with a conspiracy theory, which may have been covered earlier.

Any way I look forward to any thoughts, suggestions or opinions:

The original Remote Viewing Project started at the Stanford Research Institute, headed by Hal Puthoff a Scientology OT III, and a Quantum Physics Professor with possible intelligence connections Ingo Swann OT VII a famous psychic and artist and Pat Price OT VII, who died under mysterious circumstances after leaving the RV program.

Well you know what they say; “the only way you leave the Agency is feet first.”

Evidence that the CIA and the NSA were directly involved is in Swann’s book on Remote Viewing.

Initially, the program dealt with psycho kinetic ability similar to those achieved by Uri Geller in the Soviet Union, then moved into actual RV, by coordinates, under the code name Scanate.

Any way MK ULTRA was, more likely is, an op involving mind control, formerly started by the OSS, which mainly involved the use of drugs, such as '___', Mescaline,BZ and other pharmaceutical substances brought to you by such names as IG Farben, Sandoz and Eli Lilly.

The point where the two programs converged was at SRI under the direct influence of Dr Louis Jolyon West a founding member of MK ULTRA and. a vocal opponent of new religious sects or cults, in particular Scientology. Accusing them hypocritically of brain washing and mind control.

So what’s Jolly, Scientology’s nemesis, and perennial winner of the Dr. Joseph Mengele’s Angel of Death Award, doing mixing it up with a bunch of Scientology OTs? You can bet it didn’t have any thing to do with checking out the scenery remote or otherwise.

After this a lot of interesting things began to happen, Quentin Hubbard L Ron Hubbard’s son also dies under “mysterious” circumstances, the whole Guardians Office, the acting trustees for the intellectual property of the Church of Scientology is eliminated, several advanced OT levels, two specifically dealing with exterior or remote perception are no longer offered to the public, and a gradual alteration of the spiritual technology, begins to occur , which accelerates, after IRS grants tax exemption under a secret closing agreement, making it less workable.

But as I said this is just a conspiracy theory.

I mean there is no way that the US Government, would violate the First Amendment and interfere with the free practice of religion.

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