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Correction to My Omega Debunked Post - I Was Wrong! Please Read?

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posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 08:04 AM
I am very sorry, and more than embarrassed for having posted something before I had really had a good chance to look into it. No excuse, but I was tired when I saw it. I saw only that one reference to the "Omega Code" which was under "Movies", and jumped to the wrong conclusion that the whole concept had been formed based upon a movie.

That saddened me, and I felt a need (stupid me) to share that with you guys. Right after I posted it, and BTW, the post even came out wrong, I took a second look at the whole thing, just to be sure.

When I discovered how wrong my post was, I made every attempt to change it, however I was almost ready to post something much closer to the truth and more interesting, when I was notified that my 2 hours in which to edit was over.

So, this is the only way at that point that I could think of to "take it back". Hopefully before offending anyone.

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