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The Birth of Aeon.

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posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 08:00 AM
It's the season for such, the time of the Winter Solstice, and i would line to point out some surprising historic and religious associations with this concept and so firstly what is an Aeon;

The word aeon originally meant "life", "vital force" or "being", "generation" or "a period of time", though it tended to be translated as "age" in the sense of "ages", "forever", "timeless" or "for eternity".

The first surprising connection is that Aeon originally had the same meaning and derivation as the Semitic Yah, the Proto-Semitic verb *(h-w-y) meaning “to be”, and that was represented by the generative force of the crescent Moon, which was also the indicator of time and transition.

In terms of what is recorded regarding the birth of Aeon;

The leaders of the idolaters … in many places hold a great feast on the very night of Epiphany… First of all, in Alexandria they hold festival in what is called the Coreum, which is a great temple, namely the sacred precinct of Core.They stay awake the whole night singing hymns to the idol to the accompaniment of flutes. They keep it up the entire night, and after cockcrow torchbearers descend into an underground shrine and bring up a wooden statue seated naked on a litter…

They carry the statue in a circle seven times around the very center of the temple to the accompaniment of flutes,kettledrums, and hymns and thus reveling carry it back down to the place underground. Asked what the rite means, they say: Today at this hour Core (meaning the virgin) engendered Aeon.

This is also done in the city of Petra in the temple of the idol there. They sing hymns to the virgin in Arabic, calling her in Arabic“Chaamu”, which means Core or “virgin”,and the one born from her “Du sares”…The rite is also performed in the city of Elusa on that night as in Petra and Alexandria…

Epiphany was then on the Winter Solstice January 6th before calendars were adjusted and thus the birth of Aeon marks the New Year and born of the Virgin/Kore, that is the Greek context but the Arabic marked the birth of Du-Shara or Qos Allah, Qos meaning bow as in the archer God of the crescent Moon and he was born to the Virgin Allat the Heavenly Goddess that represented Venus, their equivalent of Aphrodite Urania/Kore.

Thus Du-Shara as the Divine child represented Eros and also was symbolized by the crescent Moon and the Morning Star.

Du-Shara-Critical review of the evidence.

After so many hours, the first light, the Morning Star, and the rising of the sun announces the birth and the epiphany of Dushara, indicated also by revealing the betyl, which then is carried seven times in a circumambulation aroundthe temple to be presented to all worshippers

The temple of Venus in Elusa andthe festivals around this temple were famous in the Roman period. The sources are important in supporting the assumption that Al-‘Uzzā was the local supreme deity in Elusa and was connected to the birth of Dushara in the winter solstice festival.

Al-‘Uzzā meaning the Great One was a Heavenly Goddess in triple aspect with Al-Lat and Al-Manat;

The Quraysh used to circumambulate the Ka‘bah and say by al-Lāt and al-ʻUzzā and al-Manāt

In pre-Islamic times then Du-Shara was the equivalent of Yah-Khonsu and Aeon, regional variations of the same principles, the origin of Du-Shara however is highly enigmatic, all agree this relates to the Lord of the Shara Mountain range in Southern Jordan and that would correlate to Mount Seir from which also the cult of Yahweh emerged, as in Du-Seiris, and that Mountain range had been under Horite control.

according to Genesis 36, the Horites co-existed and inter-married with the family of Esau, grandson of Abraham through Isaac . They were eventually brought under the rule of the descendants of Esau, also then known as Edom. The ancestry of Seir the Horite is not specified. Pre-Edomite Horite chiefs, descendants of Seir, are listed in the Book of Genesis

A case can be made that the God of the Mount Seir region had been first introduced by the Horites, in historic terms the Hurrians that had established mining operations in the region, in fact they had introduced the cult of Shara the archer God and equivalent of Eros, the son of Inanna from the city of Umma into what was then very much a religious back-water, thus the Shara Mountain range was named after a Sumerian Deity.

This is long forgotten and would horrify the pious of the region in the present day but historic claims are just that and some should be careful of what they wish for when it comes to rebuilding Bronze age temples.

The Sumerian term Sar from whence the name Sara/Shara means as a verb to insert or drive something in, the scorpions sting in terms of the Constellation Scorpio, also appropriate for an archer God, the sting once inserted cannot be removed, a question then of what was inserted into the region also, and that the toxic can be employed to one's advantage.

"Like Šara, Inana's beloved son, shoot forth with your barbed arrows like a sunbeam, shoot forth with reed-arrows like moonlight! May the barbed arrows be a horned viper to those they hit!

posted on Dec, 18 2019 @ 07:27 PM
a reply to: Madrusa

For one, you have things significantly out of chronological sequence.

Also, you seem to have missed the primary point of monotheism. In a polytheistic cosmology, gods can be opposed by other gods and are also subservient to things such as time and the realm of the gods in which they have their being. In this way, the poly-gods can be controlled or manipulated by lesser beings, through magical means. With monotheism, there is no greater force that can be brought to bear. The one God is supreme over all other existence and cannot be enticed or moved by anything 'other' - there is no actual magic in the sense of supernatural controls.

Also, the word "sar" in Sumerian is a measure of distance. In the epic of Enlil and Ninlil, c1.2.1 it describes the distance from the canal called 'nunbir-tum' to the nearby cultivated land as being "50 sar each way". You can verify this online by this search of the Electronic Text Corpus of the Sumerian Language.

posted on Dec, 19 2019 @ 03:59 AM
a reply to: chr0naut

A relatively minor Deity is no basis for Monotheism it's a case of Henotheism, a Deity that expands like the Moon through the assimilation of other Divine principles, in the case of Khonsu as Divine child of the crescent Moon through eating them, it's the principle of the will to power and that also was a notable aspect of the Heavenly Mother, somewhat irrationally Inanna was always demanding more powers.

The principle of Aeon is the generation of time, measure and increment, the causing of things to be, not surprisingly then that Sar as an adjective would relate to that which has been measured, and there is certainly nothing chronologically wrong in anything i stated.

The phenomena involved is subtle and generates religions and sects striving towards absolute power, indeed the Sumerians held that it was the dark side of the Celestial Feminine that had been exiled to a Mountain in the Sinai/Sutean region in terms of Lamastu, that she had been thrown out of Heaven for eating babies for dinner, a recurring theme of cannibalism, originally they had determined Inanna and Lamastu as opposing aspects and daughters of Anu, but these had tended to become merged in terms of sekhmet-Hathor and Istar of contrasting nature, the Son that would serve the dark side of this Mother would be entirely destructive.

Sons of Seth and the South Wind

There would be a marked difference then between a cult of Sara in the Sutean region as opposed to Uruk reflecting those aspects of the Celestial Mother, but even at his cultic city of Umma Sara was trouble.

Your house E-mah whose prince is the princely son of the Mistress, continues in good fortune, an area of abundance and well-being,the son who allots the divine powers to his mother,has erected a house in your precinct, O house Umma, and taken his seat upon your dais. the house of Šara in Umma.

But thanks for the reply everyone else seems caught up in futile power struggle.

posted on Jan, 3 2020 @ 02:10 AM
Solstice, revered by many, the death signal of the cosmos, alter ego to the Spring-fall sine cycle of Eden,whereas the North pole is recognized by God and Adam as the central provider of gravity and protons, for anchor and perception of the inpercievable, the visible monitor to God's incisive projector (Christ), the credited Hub to the incredible universal Rim, the powerless square wave of death which attempts against all odds to destroy Adamite conciousness through structures, limited quantification, as square wheels of a chariot, reviled for its summation and calculation, in a world where myth of assumed flawless approximations resides and reigns, a world where the square measures the circle, the 2 dimensional interpretation of 4 dimensional constructs, whereas Christmas resides as the glue and adhesion of love, the utter reason and mechanism of existence. The Satanist embraces the visible, the Satanist embraces the painful, the Satanist embraces time, the Satanist embraces Satan.

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