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Iztaccíhuatl volcano recorded a strange explosion on the southern slope

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posted on Oct, 24 2019 @ 12:09 PM

The Department of Seismology and Volcanism of the Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Research (IIGEA) reported on its Twitter account that the Iztaccíhuatl volcano recorded a strange explosion on the southern slope at 05:11 am on Wednesday morning.

Through the social network he explained that Iztaccíhuatl volcano recorded an explosion on the southern slope, origin is investigated, with little duration and explained that it could have been caused by gas accumulation.

He added that the cameras that watch the volcano captured what apparently could be an explosion in one of the seven chimneys that the volcano has

¿Despierta volcán Iztaccíhuatl?; cámara capta supuesta explosión

You have to run the website through google translate to read it in English.

Here is a twitter page with video, It would not translate.

IIGEA website.

It is said to be a dormant volcanic mountain in Mexico. Wikipedia page.

The name "Iztaccíhuatl" is Nahuatl for "White woman", reflecting the four individual snow-capped peaks which depict the head, chest, knees and feet of a sleeping female when seen from east or west.

Iztaccíhuatl is to the north of Popocatépetl, to which it is connected by the high altitude Paso de Cortés. Depending on atmospheric conditions Iztaccíhuatl is visible much of the year from Mexico City some 70 km (43 mi) to the northwest.

The first recorded ascent was made in 1889, though archaeological evidence suggests the Aztecs and previous cultures climbed it previously. It is the lowest peak containing permanent snow and glaciers in Mexico.

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posted on Oct, 24 2019 @ 12:45 PM
So, is it coming back to life after being dormant for quite a while? Or was it just a gas pocket that ignited somehow.


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