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Touched by God?

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posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 05:49 AM
Every so often things happen in my life, and all of our lives, that we just want to tell someone about. Something miraculous.. even if its a small one, its worth discussion. I've kept this miracle to my close friends and family, figured I'd share it with the world..

Without touching too much on any specific religion, I beleive in God. But I don't beleive in the Christian god, or the Catholic god, or any of the mainstream "gods".. I believe in my own God. I believe my perception of God is correct. It's has no margins, no limits, and like most God's, is completely mysterious. So it must be correct. And who's to say it isnt.

God has granted me personally a "visit" or "miracle" in my life. I'll touch briefly on it, and if you want more info from the stories, just say ;p (I have pictures too if you want me to scan them.. but they're not pretty ;x)

I was 14 years old. I endured 8 long years of an unknown bone condition. The best doctors in the science could not figure out why my bone was not mending from a baseball sport accident when I was 6yrs old. The bone would heal to full strength, and instantly reverse itself until it was so porous it would break again in a matter of months. I broke my leg (painfully each time I might add) 27 (Twenty Seven) times. The doctors tried everything from screws, to plates, to rods to a cruel invention called an ilizorov. (They literally took a 4 inch chunk of my bone out to let it reform.. they thought it was a contagious bone disease;; also, this picture is not of my leg, mine was much worse :x) Nothing would hold together my bone long enough for this process of growth/decay. Without a rod in my leg, it would literally begin to BOW (like a bow shaft) until it would eventually be at an angle that would be impossible to substain everyday walking.

When I was 14 I literally broke down. I had an episode like no other. Imagine living 8 years of your life barely being able to talk. I prayed to God, as I screamed and cried and begged him to stop my suffering.

And he did..

Exactly 7 days after I prayed, my leg began to ache. The bone was degenorating at the fastest pace the doctors ever saw. With 2 weeks I had over 17 stress fractures on my bone and was in crutches. 2 days after the last doctors visit when they told me they were going to have to perform surgery, I was sitting in my bed, and I screamed at God for my pain when I felt literal pressure on the top of my foot, and more pressure behind my leg, pushing forward. The bone snapped in my hand as I yelled out in pain from the break. The doctors said it was there was a massive retraction from my muscle, that pulled so tight it literally could have exerted 350 pounds of pressure on my leg. I don't buy it, I felt the pressure, God's hands on my ankle and behind my leg. Something snapped my bone before my very eyes. And I would have felt a muscle contracting that tightly. And would clearly have muscle damage.

I went 2 more days with an non-casted broken leg waiting for the surgery. They tried something they've never tried on a human being before me. They fused a titanium rod to my need and ankle, and completely removed my tibia.

Haven't had a problem since. That was 11 years ago.

Thank you God.
And thank you modern medical science.

So why am I posting this here? Why not.. theres no science in the world that can explain what happened to my bone 27 times. And why now the replaced bone has now completely solidified itself around the titanium rod replacement.

Ever see someone kick when they know theres no way they can break their leg? I have

It's a damn shame the military won't take me.. My leg will never break, and I can run faster and harder then most people I know. And if the time were to come when I needed to kick someone in the head, I could.. and damn would it hurt ;p

Believe in miracles? I do

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 06:12 AM
That was a very beautiful experience Quietsoul, and experiences like these are the greatest proof of God. God is very beautiful, very loving and pure love. I had this realisation too and it was a miracle for me as well.

I also believe in miracles and the biggest miracle is life, and that is what god gave you, and then gave you again

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