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What do Mastermasons and above think about Bigfoots and aka Werewolves?

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posted on Sep, 6 2019 @ 08:41 AM
a reply to: PAUL35791

I ignore the Sesame Street Fanclub when I find a thread I enjoy like this one.

No I have never had my battery drained yet that I have noted as being faster than normal....I am always trying to use as little of my Phone memory as possible because so many things can just happen that I have learned to always be I take a digital camera with me now as well..I will note that dynamic just in case.

I heard a Daywatchers warning whistle disguised as a birds song a few days ago....I was surprised because its not something I usually hear....and by fluke I have been mimicking birds since I was a no I just walked out of the area I was in without showing any signs of acknowledgment..

I have evolved the way I deal with these lifeforms....I started out trying to rile them up and upset their environment in little annoying ways...then once I was sure they existed I changed and began gifting and communicating....everything has gone tickety-boo...from disturbing them to learning they are there to making communication contact and then chasing a small one and getting pictures of Footprints....then I gifted and was gifted back...then I repeated that...and lots has transpired in between....but everything has had an evolution to it that I do not find "bad" … they always seem to be in control.

To be frank I am beginning to get defensive of them....I have been researching the Patterson-Gimlin incidents...I believe they massacered an entire Clan or Family then buried the evidence.....and I believe these creatures would qualify as sentient if we were honest about their existance.

I am still learning how I like to research....developing my opinions....I am beyond Animal and I am accepting sentience.

The woo factor or paranormal factor doesn't play into it for me because we as a global community have been lied to so much by the devil worshipping child molesting elites and weird anti-humanitarian secret groups who hold but hide knowledge… doesn't impress me....if Bigfoot was using some technology or methods we do not understand it would not be a surprise and I would not think of it as being a complicated thing to figure out.I parse the secret societies with the child abusing devil worshippers....because one cannot exist without the other....IMHO the best humanity has to offer would not willingly become a part of either of these they must be recruiting from the bottom of the Pickle Barrel....our world is run by archaic methods...IMHO the real few pulling the strings are OLD OLD in extended lifespans maybe 600+ years....the methods are patterned through our entire recorded available history...signature patterns...personalised signature patterns not handed down methods.

I encourage everyone to talk talk talk to their friends and families about any issues they think are important to not listen to the fake news and to not get caught up in the intentional spiders-web of internet forums where the Flinstone and Sesame Street Gangs can screw with reality and slow down learning and disclosure...I encourage people to set up dynamics where they can REMOVE THESE NEGATIVE VOICES IMMEDIATLY AND WITH PREDJUDICE...its imperative that these trouble makers who enjoy screwing with progressive well intended groups be removed from the dynamic....and also that they be identified and noted for who they are and for the anti-humanitarian crimes they commit...and most of the are actively denying they are anti-humanitarian and causing trouble for the Human race...we have to work towards a world where people are held accountable for their actions especially when it comes to suppressing or hiding knowledge and intentionally bastardisation of knowledge.

Debate time is over ...IMHO its time to judge and remediate and hopefully a near future generation can begin to accomplish that.

I am really experiencing difficulty in deciding how to handle my Bigfoot data...I want to share it but I also know that the pricks who cause static work with and for the rotten child molesting devil worshipping freaks who operate behind the scenes...and I know they are generally imbred and retarded or dotarded and the bottom of the barrel...they NEED INNOCENT PEOPLES BRAIN POWER AND ACUMEN AND ABILITIES...and they think they are smart how they are now harvesting it....

IMHO they aren't killing bigfoot to protect Industries .. nope ...that's only money....the make money....literally print it off as they wish...its more about truth and reality and what Bigfoot can teach and show us biologically about our own true history.

I believe Bigfoot has historically worked with us...side by side....I believe we NEED THEM IN THE BATTLE THAT IS SOON COMING WITH THESE GROUPS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR CIVILIZATIONS AND OUR WORLD.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend....they want to wipe out clearly this HURTS US matters not why it only matters that we do not allow them to have their way...on anything...ever...its time to remediate these groups...for good....I will not help them...I do not think they are smart...if the oppositional suppressive disinformation influences I have encountered online are all these losers have to offer they are now ripe for the picking and its time to remove them from history and from the future.

I am going to continue to try teaching Bigfoot.Screw the trades and the woodknocks and Whoopimng and tracking and gamesmanship .....that's what holds us all back...I ACCEPT THE I am going to work with it.

I say empower Bigfoot and help them fight for themselves. Maybe if I can help them by teaching them they can help me by developing a taste for Sesame Street type human shaped cookies.
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posted on Sep, 7 2019 @ 07:28 PM
I guess it would depend on how advanced the BF are as to whether humans are the Bogeyman or them, one4all. I haven't posted on the Darkside of Bigfoot yet, seeing as this is now in the kids forum because it gave the masons a heart attack and they are worried about going to Bohemian Grove in the woods..
I will wrap this topic up soon. Atleast 20 masons will have seen it and will have to research it further and have a domino effect. My next topic to give masons new neurons will be Time Travel.
One4all, we know BFs/WWs are 100% real. If these Smallfoot, Plesiosaurs and Pterosaurs are real too, would that mean they are all Classified to protect them from hunters? Who or what is ordering this Classification of Information and why? I heard Genetics are the most valuable currency in Space. We are early days in studying this subject. Only in the last 5 yrs has it taken off. It is now almost as big as the classified Alien subject. It has a better reputation too, as virtually nobody makes money out of it, and those that do aren't trusted at all. The total opposite of the primitive Capitalist System whereby the rich are at the top of the pyramid. In the Paranormal world they are at the bottom of it.
Oh and Gorillas have that smell from glands in their arms. The Pattie types look like they have Gorilla DNA. The red ones are said to be more aggressive. The Baboon 7 chutes types are bad news. I don't know if WWs have BF DNA and spliced with Canines or a seperate species but they will give you PTSD if you're lucky. The masons claim they built the pyramids so maybe they can explain why they drew Dogheaded people on the walls, but I won't be holding my breath for that.
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posted on Sep, 8 2019 @ 08:26 AM
What about Sasquatch?

EDIT: woops, BigFoot IS Sasquatch...

posted on Sep, 9 2019 @ 07:11 AM
a reply to: PAUL35791

I have never encountered their infrasound but most self defense systems are built in ascending layers...and I have now encountered their scent defense.....I would assume that the first layer of defense is simply distance then camouflage then scent then infrasound then sound then throwing or breaking things then physical displays like hitting the ground with a fist or waving arms over the head...then a false charge...then a real charge that begins with 1-1/2 strides right at you with a sudden turn sideways going into an all-fours final charge.

We can overcome the distance using predictive planning and optics...they are not supernatural IMHO...some may be working with people and may use technology....we can overcome the camouflage by using motion detectors....we can overcome the infrasound using technology(I know its not mainstream)...we can stand ground and not close distance in response to the acts of violence and aggression.....we can gut out the false charge...but there is no human on Earth who can survive or stop the real charge.

Generally if you plan on getting close to Bigfoot plan on getting hurt or killed and likely eaten.

People have been shooting them for a long long time....they know we are dangerous as heck...when I was a whelp I was a country whelp and I would have popped a top on Bigfoot just because I was curious and there is no tally connected to killing something that doesn't exist.Not because I was mean or evil but because its not supposed to be there....the people responsible for the suppression of the reality that leads to the killings of Bigfoot are the global elite who have bastardised our Published words...and controlled us via books and libraries then media....these pricks need to be remediated to the last one....disenfranchised...all their money taken and all their power taken....and this impact needs to be returned to HUMANITY.....immediately.

Really I am not going to continue my research as I have been conducting it for fear of bodily harm....I recently was outed by a daywacher….and I didn't let him know I knew he nailed me....he only made one warning whistle....and I egressed as soon as I heard it....I was in an area where I had found a cluster of berry trees and plants that simply do not grow together normally but that can grow together if planted together( they are climbing a massive high angle Valley wall no human could easily go up...then they are taking a nice dump/defecating...then they are entering their sleeping area/hideout which is relatively close as the crow flies). ....this cluster was located beside a perfect area from which to get long distance optics on Bigfoot without them knowing.... the kill zone led me to the berries....but then I realised there was even more to the area....and with further investigation my planning proved correct...once I dug around little and followed their tracks closer I discovered a day-sleeping area....which had a daywatcher attatched to it....sooooo…..I found their travel corridors that go to and from their foods and water and people who they love to watch and horses(we will leave that alone for now)….then I noted their optimal egress routes considering their size and potential speed and propensity to just sit and wait you out in the bushes.....meaning a potential egress route might have a few stops along the way where they will halt and hold up trying to lose you...but these spots will always be along a direct egress route that favors their advantage over us in the my case gaining immediate altitude is their best defense....not distance but height.You aren't going to get Bigfoot "on the run" so to speak....never.

Like I said I have encountered their smell now twice lately and am not sure why....there is bad Karma happening in the area..we just recently went through an annual quasi-Milirary "Endurance Race" a common cover-story for a mass effort to drive Bigfoot out and organised effort to push them away from Urban city limits.There have been "incidents" lately.

The daywatcher that whistled to warn that I was near didn't know how well I understand the geography...didn't know I had specifically NOT ENTERED THAT AREA EARLIER AND HAD NOT REALLY PENETRATED INTO IT...and all I needed to hear was one whistle and I egressed before they escalated me on their threat scale....on whistle and I was out of there and gone immediately long before I got closer to them or showed that I knew they could be didn't look like I was LOOKING for anything like possibly them.....methinks they will keep the spot for at least a few more weeks maybe 4 if I am lucky.....the cover will soon change drastically and then so will their routes and habits....almost overnight.

I am 100% confident they will continue to use this bedding area till the cover changes drastically.

Problem Is that now I am afraid.... I think a lot of people piss Bigfoot off.....and I think our stinking Governments know about them....they live in mortal danger....from execution….which I am 100% against....I would rather see the global elite lined up and mowed down than see Bigfoot lined up and mowed down.....people should be able to enjoy Bigfoot to watch for them and to observe them and to respect them.

This is getting to be a dicy subject for me....I have hunted and I have killed and I have spared life and protected life and nurtured life … but these creatures are in some ways different and I feel we need them for some REALLY NEED my life experience ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THE DIRTY ROTTEN CHILD EATING CHILD MURDERING ELITES AND CROOKED GOVERNMENTS TRY TO HIDE FROM US IS IN SOME WAY HELPFULL TO US BECAUSE THESE GROUPS ARE OUR....MORTAL ENEMIES....SO CLEARLY THEY ARE TRYING TO WIPE OUT bIGFOOT TO HURT US ALL IN SOME WAY OR MANNER....Oh the sheer joy of staking out in a feeding zone the global monsters/secret keepers who run the planet by their greed and anti-humanitarian sickness....just for poetic justice.

posted on Sep, 12 2019 @ 03:13 PM
Imagine a female Bigfoot came in for a gender reassignment surgery.

So you wanna be a guy huh?

Well OK, the problem is, we don't really have male Bigfoot genitalia as a template. Could you give us an idea of what it should look like?

And now, why's she hopping about the room like a bunny?

Sir, I think she's trying to tell us it should look like a carrot.

posted on Oct, 11 2019 @ 01:13 AM
a reply to: PAUL35791

“What do Mastermasons and above think about Bigfoots and aka Werewolves?”

We don’t as neither are real. Both are fictitious and exist in the minds of small, frightened children.

Having said that, I don’t mind a nice fillet of Samsquanch every now and again...
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