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Iran seizes foreign oil tanker with 12 crew, state media says

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posted on Jul, 19 2019 @ 10:28 AM

originally posted by: paraphi
Ah, the Iranians are just trying to provoke a reaction having had their sanctions-busting tanker seized by the Brits. They failed to seize a British flagged tanker as the Royal Navy told them to "so off", so they've taken what is now believed to be a Panamanian-flagged tanker.

Iran is out-of-order and so very predictable. Soon they will make a misjudgement and someone is going to kick back and sink the Iranian navy.

An uncle went into Iran with a team in the night and dismantled and stole a whole oil rig for a certain 3 letter agency during the 80s.

This wouldn't be surprising if someone tried to steal and got caught.

posted on Jul, 20 2019 @ 01:08 AM
This latest seizure of an ACTUAL British oil tanker is actually sickening, of course our ship's can not be everywhere and the recent Houthi rebel use of a drone boat off the coast of Yemen has acted as a likely distraction for our ship's but common sense say's that all British registered ship's should have stayed in constant contact with an open channel to the Royal navy vessel in the area, they did not and the Iranian's were then able to perform a heist in international waters in an act that is actually full blown piracy on there part against a vessel merely going about legitimate and legal business in the region.

I am even more angry with Jeremy Hunt for stating that we are looking for a diplomatic and not a military solution, talk about showing your opponent the cards in your hand is the guy an utter idiot or something?.

The ONLY thing that would scare the Iranian's would be if we were willing to take military action as indeed we on this matter really should be.

My opinion is this, we should seize by force the Iranian garrison military outpost on the island they are using for there attack's and station our own military there, completely cut of ALL Iranian military activity in that region and secure it for international shipping.

It could be done in two way's, SAS and SBS unit's acting in tandem with air and sea born strikes on any hardened defensive point's, a British submarine should also be dispatched despite the fact the waters are shallow, it could loiter in deeper water and be willing to launch strategic strikes if necessary.

If the Iranian's then attempted to escalate the situation further then precision strikes should be taken on high value military targets within there nation to cost them and punish them for there indiscretion.

And we need to get rid of the idiot's we currently have in parliament and running for it, show a dog your fear and it will bite, we are far stronger than Iran despite our small military force and yet Hunt's ill timed and stupid comment has likely bolstered the Iranian's self confidence and made them feel bigger than they as well as made us look weak and ineffectual on the world stage.

Neither He NOR Boris Johnson are fit to run our nation, neither is Corbyn (and let's leave May and that utter fool her predecessor Cameron whom scrapped so very many of our military assets out of this or my blood will start to percolate).

At time's of crisis even small ones we need STRONG leaders willing to take the necessary action.

Hunt is supposed to be a trained doctor, he should know that unless you treat an infection like this it often get's more serious, holding back on our (Military) Antibiotics is not the way to find a peaceful accord, only an active and in this case fully legitimate show of force will do so and what's more it will do so to the greater good of our own international position but his reckless and ill thought out statement has left the world, our allies in the region (they are not really our allies but in economic term's) a more vulnerable place at the beck and call of rogue nations such as Iran.

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