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Cataclysms and Preservations

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posted on Jul, 2 2019 @ 09:35 PM
This World and Our Journey as a species with it, have a devastating history that has been tried for preservation countless ages.. to caution the future generations of Human.

This World has dark secrets we wish not to confront anymore. As throughout the ages and cycles of this World, terror and destruction have molded life and all environments for every recorded future thereafter.

The primal forces and elements of this world have been violently wielded to carve, mold, and shape all landscapes and life that reside here. As the forces used brought us mountains that tore through the mantle and erected through the Earths crust.

The powers of Creation.

Forced through cataclysmic cycles that are fundamental consequences of our Earths anatomy, and the changes thereof.

Today, we live in a world cataclysm free. We haven't experienced anything on the scale of extinction level events in a long long time. We teach about it in schools, to early age humans.

Recorded history and geological data can illustrate us a picture of the aftermath of the last cataclysm.
This is the world we live in Today.

Post-Cataclysmic era. Yet, humans, plants and animals have been enjoying the fruits of labor the Earth's anatomy went through, for many ages now.

Consequently, living in a Post-Cataclysmic World leaves us with scattered memories, new geologies, lost civilizations sunk into the ocean or covered by lava never to be seen again.

Remnants of our Origin.

Scattered. Buried. Burned. Drowned. Lost. Forever.

Our story. The Human Story.

That is what I'm here to illustrate and re-mind.
To understand the past we must understand the present. Than we can calculate and prepare for the future.

Today we have remnants, stories and geological data of our history and the earths changes.
Two stories being written as parallels, yet sharing the same foundation (Human and Earth).

What has happened on this Earth, our ancestors endured all of it. The earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions, the torrential storms, the breaking winds, crashing tsunamis, the meteor strikes.... they have been through it all, enduring the Earth's changes.

They survived, and we are here to tell their story. Their Hell. Yet, the Heaven that came after. The chance for a restart. The cycle of life and death, destruction and rebirth.

Picture a clear glass of water, half full. Sitting on your desk/table. The water is calm, clear and controlled.
As you see this glass of water, in your mind, smash your two arms on the desk/table on the outside of the glass cup.

In your mental picture you may have seen the water splash and crash and spill as its surface was impacted upon. Or, you just understand this simple fact of cause and reaction.

As the Earth shifts and changes, the oceans of the earth climb over mountains, land, forests, and plains.. crashing down and spilling over the landmasses washing away everything it's in way.

Like that glass of water.

This is the great flood legend. The story of humanity surviving the consequences of a cataclysm.

The instantaneous shift upon the Earth, gives no form of life or element the chance to react or adapt. All primal forces are unleashed upon the earth.

All creatures filled with terror and anguish, have no chance to adapt or react to the current power of the Earths anatomy.

As the waters recede, and drain off mountain tops.. creating our current oceans.. the Survivors of the human race come forth and forge a new destiny amongst the calamity.

Adam and Eve, man and woman, John and Jane Doe. Becuase the names do not matter, they are placeholders of a Story.

The Story Matters.

It's the most important thing. To never ever forget the horrors, the terrors, the violent and dreading results of the cataclysm our ancestors fought through to put us here. My heart breaks thinking and visualizing these horrors they faced. Brings tears to me, and yet their sacrifice was my blessing.

They never stopped fighting. They lost everything. Everyone, they ever knew. Family, friends, pets, society, and civilization as they knew it.

The most heartbreaking story ever told.

Man and Woman. Survived together. And so the Rebirth commenced. The Genesis. The story of genealogy, dating back to the survivors, the first humans from the post-cataclysmic-age who restarted and reformed with what they had.

These people, the generations of The Survivors, would be the ones to carve civilization anew, and build monuments and record the history of their ancestors.

The unavoidable horrors of the Earth changing, possibly in cycles had pushed our ancestors to the limits of preservation.

Rewriting, teaching, and learning a new written language that would be told for ages to come.
It's by no accident our ancestors became Stone Masters after the cataclysm. Its through this labor and discipline that they would record their history and the stories that came from their families and ancestors before them, in stone.

Becuase stone is what our planets anatomy is made of, it will stand the test of time and hopefully be preserved after another cataclysm.

And so they build, and relearn basic knowledges of the Earth, of their bodies, of the stars and planets and all the sciences Nature has to offer.

Starting over, rebuilding, recording the stories of their endeavors. The legends of themselves and their ancestors.

Soon, these stories get watered down. Humans get comfortable with their new settlements of civilization. They get greedy. They vie for power, for control, for materialistic things.

They feel so safe in their new world, the Earth is calm and they were free! Through blood and sword new powers take over, new versions of John and Jane Doe are told, new systems are planted such as military and religion.

Well we know our ancestors got too comfortable and started taking life for granted. The World was theirs, and no one could stop them.

Does this sound familiar yet? We today as modern homeo-sapiens have become too comfortable in modern society and take everything for granted, even life and death.

On the parallel yet the Earths changes are once again becoming. We see it everywhere on our planet and in our solar system (Jupiters Red Spot for instance).

History has a weird habit of repeating itself. Some may call them cycles instead. Either way it's the Story that Matters.

Our ancient ancestors put a lot of effort in surviving and putting up cautions and warnings for future generations. As the human DNA, must continue to live throughout time.

Preservation of the Rebirth.

The Mayan Calendar. Giza Plateau. Machu Pichu (where safer than on a mountain top when you have endured the chaos of that glass of water shaking). Stonehenge. Easter Island. Sumerian Tablets.

There are many products of preservation our ancestors manufactured for all of us to remember.

And so We get their point.

Never Forget.

Yet we have forgot. As pieces of the puzzle have been missing, maybe never to be found again. The incomplete story. Consequences of a cataclysm.

It's my belief that such Earth changes are not too far in the future. These events are a quick storm after the long calm. In modern time all we have endured is the calm on planetary scale. Nothing like the following days of the cataclysm.

The how, the when, the who.. the impossible questions I cannot answer and do not seek.

The story is what matters. And so We forge our Destiny.

posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: Elementalist
Oh yes, all of the above, everything changes, a few degrees more, a meteor here and there, and things can change at the drop of a hat. And also, maybe a little of this as well.

posted on Jul, 4 2019 @ 06:45 AM
Its called a Vlar Global Continental Displacement Event.... due in 2021

You are correct Lobsang.

The Bible and Quoran and Vedic Texts and ALL MAJOR DOCTRINES and their many offshoots stem from A HISTORY BOOK WRITTEN BY THE SURVIVORS YOU SPEAK this same type of book will hopefully again be written by a new Group of Survivors.

Lets never forget the Anti-Humanitarian bastards that have hidden the truth from the masses this cycle which will by proxy murder BILLIONS OF PEOPLE who could have been saved.....yes respect our roots and heritage but CLEARLY UNDERSTAND YOU NOW CARRY THE TORCH AND THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT COMES WITH THAT....there is an innate obligation connected to being a Survivor and it is to ensure the ENTIRE TRUTH OF HOW AND WHY WE NEARLY WERE WIPED OUT COMPLETELY HAPPENED.....THE REASONS....THE MECHANICS BEHIND IT...SO THAT IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

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