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Earth to Mars In 100 days might be possible with a nuclear rocket

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posted on Jun, 30 2019 @ 09:33 AM
Well, the mission to the moon did work to change the world. The space race was a sort of competition and it boosted the economy somewhat and kept us from competing in major wars. People seem to be like rabbits, dangle a carrot in front of them and they go nuts, two rabbits will fight over the carrot sometimes, other times the rabbits work together symbiotically to get the carrot and share the prize..

posted on Jun, 30 2019 @ 09:42 AM

originally posted by: 727Sky

originally posted by: rickymouse
Even if they do create a rocket that goes that fast, would people be able to go that fast or would it effect their bodies, mind, or metabolism negatively. They would have to send some test animals on a trip there, then on the return, they could put the rocket in orbit and somehow transport the animals by shuttle to the space station. I do not know how they could supply two hundred days of food for animals though, it almost seems impossible, mold grows in the space station, The grain would probably go bad, and the feces and urine from the animals would be floating everywhere.

I do not think we need to send people to Mars, it is hard enough on taxpayers and consumers as it is without tacking on more cost of living on people. Doesn't matter if a cereal company foots the bill, they will raise the cost of all their products to pay for the trip. The consumer or taxpayer always pays.

A constant 1 G acceleration would be better on any earth body than floating in near zero "G" for 6 months. Not to mention the less radiation and cosmic ray exposure. The only time a crew would feel no gravity is when the ship is spun around so its' butt faces the destination for slow down.. The 1950s movies and scientist had that figured out

As Picard once said, "Make it so Number One".

One G is about twenty some miles per hour I thought. So, half way there you would have to keep accelerating and the other half you would have to turn the ship around and decelerate slowly. It is a long way to Mars, that rate would mean that it would be a real boring trip, and eventually the speed would be faster than the speed people could handle. Mars does not stay in the same place either, it might take almost a year to be able to make the return trip.

For the price of that trip, a thousand people could take a year off and spend it staying in a motel at the beach, eating out. So three people turning to jelly vs a thousand people eating buffets and drinking drinks in Hawaii for a year. I will volunteer for the Hawaii trip.

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posted on Jun, 30 2019 @ 10:00 AM
We need to build a device like the large hadron collider in space, power it up and fire anti gravity space shuttle to mars in 6 weeks.

posted on Jul, 3 2019 @ 12:22 AM
I work with a guy who I know has serious interest in the ET/UFO phenomenon.

He told me that he ended up at a party for his wife’s work where he got to talking with One of his wife’s coworkers husband. The guy was an engineer at Boeing.

Given the interests my colleague has, he started asking questions about lots of things both realistic and unrealistic that Boeing might know about or work on. The other guy wouldn’t tell him anything.

This went on for a while and the subject turned to Mars and exploring it. The Boeing guy, after some banter about when we’ll get to Mars and what it would take... the Boeing engineer tells my colleague, “I chuckle every time I see one of those articles about how long it takes to gets to Mars... we can get there in 3.5 hours...”

And that’s all he would say about it.

Conversation happened about two years ago.

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