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Predictions International Politics 2019 2020

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posted on May, 13 2019 @ 06:02 PM
These are speculative predictions only :
In Europe , the May 23rd European Parliament Elections will see the dominance of the EPP continue and subsequently in October their new spitzenkandidat will take up the Commission presidency . Farage's Brexit Party will see a large turnout in the EU elections , giving them dozens of seats in the EU parliament , and likely some consequent leverage on the current UK government over the required imminence of Brexit . Brexit itself may not take place until a date in 2020 , or may come sooner if agreement is reached on ' the deal ' . Farage and his big win will help to shake up both UK and European Parliamentary affairs from the end of this month . Other UK parties eg Labour , realising the worthlessness and inconsequentiality of the EU elections, as well as that campaigning for the Party of European Socialism (PES) their pro eU umbrella group, would give the game away for them at home , will have suitably abysmal results , but of course with no matter .

In the Americas , Mexico and it's borders issue will become an increasingly potentially volatile situation , it being a hotzone in East West affairs , with Trump's Administration not wishing to express to the public how close the Eastern influence has settled to home . In the meantime Venezuela 's Maduro being recently assured of Eastern support eg nuclear weapons will remain in office , while US efforts to destabilise and disinstitute to surround and perhaps to physically enter Venezuela will also persist . European foreign policy , despite it's past deploration of all things Trump ( eg Tusk's speeches against him ) will in future be influenced primarily by Britains threat to exit the Union , as aligned by the newly organised US administration / alternative governance programme operated by the five eyes nations and Israel . Therefore the WEstern powers will continue to present unified resistance to the forward movements and the reticence of the East , with unipolarity (US hegemony) having been reiterated and reinforced and somewhat reinvigorated by Trump .

China will further levy it's own tariffs on US imports in retaliation for Trumps hike to 25% and his plans to restrict all 500bnUSD of Chinese imports with similar measures . The giant will continue to sleep on , impervious to paper tigers . The benefit China , India , SCO have which will gain them most ground in coming years is sheer population numbers giving them a far greater selection of literal brain power . This will advance them economically militarily and in intelligence security and external affairs . Meanwhile the recent years' successes enjoyed via multilateral cooperation and support within the bloc itself will help consolidate the effective unification of Eastern foreign policy , joint military operations will be furthered and the touted benefits of controlling Central Asia without dispute ( but with all that oil and gas) will bear their fruits .

Syria still remains in Russia / Iran / Eastern charge and the current lines drawn across the M.E. will stay roughly the same, with Iraq at the border , and Israel UAE Saudi the usual staging posts for US influence . Turkey will remain allied with the East who are beginning to work in earnest upon Greece . Albania Serbia and Balkan parts may once again become E/W Muslim / Catholic flashpoints , and also Ukrainian affairs are likely to feature again at some point , but only if news passes homeschooled D notices etc .

*Both competing co-operation organisations* recognise that in the event of a nuclear escalation or even a conventional weapons world war scenario , they can mutually assure each other of mass destruction . Thereby as long as everyone sensibly stays away from any red buttons there won't be any huge problems of that nature in the next 5-10 years .

In 2020 , Trump is likely to see another term in office having steered America away from losing its special status in the world . However during that term he like his country may suffer fatigue from battling the continuing onslaught of the multipolarists , at the same time as having had to rescue America from where the Clinton / EU / CDI international democrat regime had taken them , and at the same time as having had to elect set up and run the alternative governance of America and also the West , bringing wandering European powers back under the US wing . That fatigue may be offset again however since those policies have also enjoyed success and will bring future results .


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