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Imaginary vs Real and Virtual Friends

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posted on May, 13 2019 @ 12:20 PM
This is a stub thread for a story here:
Imaginary friends, did you have one?

So I spent a lot of time recounting my childhood friends. And then I didn't even get any stars.

I'm getting a wee bit old these days and don't get out and about as much as I used to.

Stars are my Virtual friends these days and flags too.

All the stars were going to people discussing other people's children's imaginary friends.

I thought about posting a rant. But my scheming, star craving mind told me
"Dude! Short Stories — that's where the generous people hang out."

And I'm like, "Yeah, that's right."

And in chorus we tittered; "Hee hee hee"
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posted on May, 13 2019 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: pthena

Jesus is my only imaginary friend at this point.

posted on May, 13 2019 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: dfnj2015

That can be cool. Do you plan things together? Adventures and stuff?

One time, I did an imaginary trip to heaven,
the one I was taught about as a child.

Went in search of the man Himself.
So I got to the royal hall
and the angels had a sort of
bored look on their faces
like they were thinking
"What am I doing here ?
There's nothing going on."

So I got a little closer to the throne
and asked the angel
"What's up? Where's Jesus?"

He looked kind of sad,
"I don't know."

Yeah, the throne was empty,
So I got to thinking that the whole
ascension into heaven thing
may not be what I had been taught
to think it was.
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ETA: That trip was in around 2012, I could probably pin it down closer if I took the time, 'cuz I remember who I was chatting with on ATS at the time.

Anyway, The movie The Accountant with actor Ben Affleck (2016) features Sean Rowe's song "To Leave Something Behind", which was written in 2013.
When I heard it, it reminded me.

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posted on May, 13 2019 @ 03:24 PM
Does imaginary friends cover dreamscapes? Sorta like a waking dream? I have mental illness for last hour i guess been talking or sorta double talk to my dad and the people hiding behind outside the window. Saying or directing the conversation in a few ways that the people outside ( girl i been obsessed with and her boyfriend) would hear try best to answer questions and provide info. Last night i think i heard her boyfriend come alone but wasnt positive. I went to sleep 10:30 and heard things 12:30. i was saying to my dad do you hear any people by the window he said no. i was saying with really quiet voice that only shows up in your head, like telepathy.

My illness is spontaneous interactive and believeable. i said joking i think i was supposed to go outside looking for them last few times and dropped the ball. they dont usually come this early. the voices said just have faith. as soon as they showed up i went outside looking for them. they came back when i sat down again and said they ran away and hid. so suspend disbelief and entertain idea they might be outside. Sometimes when they show up they are really here.

posted on May, 13 2019 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: Firebrand1105volunteer

Does imaginary friends cover dreamscapes? Sorta like a waking dream?


I'm not licensed in mental health, I just try to arrange things into a story. Story teller lite.

I've carried out conversations with people who weren't physically there. It helps me to realize that the idealized person who I communicate with is usually not the actual person. The actual real person is not responsible for the actions of the imaginary person even if they look and sound the same.

So imagine you dream that the dog bites you. When you wake up and see the dog, don't hit the dog, The real dog didn't bite you, the dream dog did. The dream dog is more yourself than it is the real dog.

Sometimes when I can't tell the difference between a person and my bad idea of that person, I go passive in response, rather than react. I had a bad dream once. I saw a horrible monster, and I killed it. But it was a child wearing a costume. I don't want that to ever happen.

The risk of passivity is then on me, danger of being attacked and not defending myself.

I don't know if you've heard this song. It's similar to Evanescence in style.
Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark

I read this thing once about voices:

21Also, do not pay attention to everything that people say;
otherwise, you might even hear your servant cursing you.

22For you know in your own heart
that you also have cursed others many times.
— Ecclesiastes 7 —

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