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The Wunderkind.. Twillight zone.

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posted on May, 4 2019 @ 08:50 AM
Ohh man, this episode reeks of the current political situation, but not as it is, but how they want it to be.

A brat, with grandeur of being president, is lauded into that position.. and yells at his staff that he now wants nintendo's for everyone and ice cream.

I just get the AOC vibe here..

I don't much like politically directed episodes of any show.. but this caught me off guard.

And I've still not yet gotten to the inevitable and .. with this reincarnation.. pointless twist..

It has been hit and miss, and with the gossip about the narrator who shall remain unnamed not least for the fact I cannot recalls his name as I'd never heard it before, it's been more miss than hit.. still..

Tread the waters that can lead you to fairer grounds.. and if they fail to do so, then tread some more...

Ahem... O.o


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