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NEWS: Suicide attacks kill 10

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posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 04:21 AM
Suicide car bombers attacked an Iraqi army base today as well as a checkpoint in Baghdad, killing ten people and injuring dozens more. The first attack took place at the army base when alot of would-be recruits and soldiers were present, when a car pulled up and exploded. In the second attack a suicide car bomber blew himself up at a checkout after a gun fight which resulted in three soldiers dying.
"It was a suicide car bomb," eyewitness Hussein Mohammed, who was 20m away when the car exploded, said.

"As he arrived, he blew himself up. Two soldiers were lifted up into the air and knocked across the street."

Nervous Iraqi police and troops fired off warning shots. The blast left five damaged cars abandoned in the street and streaks of blood stained the ground.

Most people lined up were protected by cement blast walls, but those who were outside the protective barriers were killed or hurt, Mr Mohammed said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Yet another bomb in Iraq and it seems the loss of innocent life to these bombers is not going to go down anytime soon. I just can't think of anything more cowardly than to drive up to a large group of people who have done nothing personally to you and blow yourself and them up.

They claim to be attacking the US through hurting their own people, but really they're just helping the US cause as their people wont take this forever.


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