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UK - " lady of the hills " identified

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posted on Mar, 19 2019 @ 06:58 AM
the body of a woman - discovered in 2004 on a hillside in the YDNP [ yorkshire dales national park ] has been identified as Lamduan Seekanya a thia national who married a brittish man - and lived for a time in burton in longsdale - very close to the spot her body was discovered


wikki primer - loads more links availiable via google - once you get the gist of the case

the case was " cracked " - using modern forensics - which allowed investigators to target her origins more accuratly - and specifically target appeals .

explained in reportage - and google of isotope ratios will explain all

now this is in rant - because the case now raises serious questions in my mind :

" what the hell were cerain people doing // thinking at the time "

no one in the UK - contacted the police - with any usefull information - or missing persons reports in 2004

jut WTF ??????????????????????????

using the benefit of 20//20 hindsite - we know know that she was married to a bit - with 2 children in a local school - and linking with her parents in law - and just " vanished " one day

the exact circumstances of her death // disapearence = have yet to emerge

but suffice to say - no one saw her alive after 20 SEPTEMBER 2004 - and evidence is she was dead upto 3 weeks prior

she was living 25 miles away [ from where her corpse was found ] - FFS - how many " asian women " disapeared in the relevant time frame ???????????

her widower - now living in thialand - has been advised not to discus the case

he should be in a police interview suite - discussing the case in depth

as should his parents .

how everyone who knew her in the UK - could just ignore the " lady of the hill " case - blows my mind

the media coverage was intense [ at the time ] - and there have been several cold case revisitys to the case

yet - everyone remained silent

i shake my head

i have a persona stake in this - as i assisted the search for clothes and forensics in the days after the discovery

posted on Mar, 19 2019 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

Hopefully the guy shall shortly be extradited to the UK and more evidence may yet be found now that they have identified the poor girl.

Still I wish he was facing a prison sentence in a Thai Jail if he did in fact murder her as I should imagine they would be far more suitable than our soft prison's back here.

And you are correct, the fact she was not reported missing is extremely damning on this guy, most likely he told his neighbors that she had gone home and then later perhaps that they had divorced and since no one knew she was dead they never reported her as missing, it is also possible he was one of those control freak's and she could not go out of the house without his consent, if so then she may not have had any friend's here as he may have prevented her from socializing but I do wonder what he told her relatives back in Thailand - if they were concerned about her safety which I would imagine they most certainly would have been and what excuses he concocted there as that may also be another avenue of inquiry for the British police - I hope there are good detectives investigating this as some are hopeless sorry to say but it varies widely by force and individual detective of course.

To my mind he is almost definitely a killer, his behavior in the year after her disappearance - despite the lack of report's to the police would be extremely interesting to know but given the amount of time that has passed that may be extremely hard to ascertain, still her parent's and relatives in Thailand like I say may still hold vital information for the case against him to proceed and there may still be former neighbors that may still recall incident's that may shed more light on what may have occurred here.

God rest her soul and may she find peace and her killer face justice.

posted on Mar, 19 2019 @ 07:02 PM

originally posted by: LABTECH767

God rest her soul and may she find peace and her killer face justice.

And may her children find closure.

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