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Rabbis visit Lebanese border with Israel

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 09:16 AM
Rabbis visit border with Israel
Jewish Religious leaders also head to former prison

Rabbis visit border with Israel

NABATIEH: The three rabbis who participated at a conference here on the Palestinian refugees' right of return, paid a visit on Sunday to Fatima's Gate in the border town of Kfar Kila in Southern Lebanon. The rabbis - or "Jews United Against Zionism" as they call themselves - are all members of the Neturei Karta International Organization, and were participating in a three-day conference that gathered Arab parliamentarians, sheikhs, priests and scholars at Beirut's Safir Heliopolitan Hotel to discuss the Palestinian refugees' right of return.

This again confirms that muslims and jews have no problems with eachothers .
The main problem in the middle east is the illegitimate (by human and jewish standards ) terrorist state of Israel .

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 12:14 PM
I have no problem with your viewpoint in general, and I respect these Rabbis' right to have an opinion as well, but you (and the article you took this from) are misrepresenting this group.

I once posted a good page long explanation of the Neturei Karta and why they are social pariahs among pro and anti Zionist Jews alike. Honestly, I can't find it at the moment so I'll summarize for you and the rest of the folks here.

Neturei Karta is an offshoot of Hasidic Jewry. The distinction between them and other Hasids is critical in understanding this.

The largest movement of Hasidic Jews is called Satmar. The prominent Grand Rabbi of Satmar, Rabbi Teitelbaum wrote an opinion piece which related to Israel in which he disagreed with the majority of Orthodox and Secular Jews of the time. R. Teitelbaum stated that the Jews should absolutely not establish a homeland in Israel. The reason he gave was because in the Bible god promised to redeem the Jews and return them to the holy land. This proved to him that it is god who brings the Jews back to Israel, not man. The proper thing to do, in Teitelbaum's view was to wait until the Messiah came until establishing a homeland. This view is still followed by devout Satmar Hasids very strictly, and they view the government of Israel as a secular government having nothing to do with a Jewish homeland.

So how does Neturei Karta differ? Well, NK took that message and ran with it. Hasids believe that while the government of Israel is not the "Jewish Homeland" it is simply another country in which Jews live, and they wish them the best. NK on the other hand is extreme. They believe that no Jewish person should set foot there period. They not only believe that a Jew in Israel is going against god, they believe that a Jew in Israel deserves to be killed for even going there. They have been seen, on numerous occasions (by myself personally in NYC) protesting at rallies that commemerate terror victims from Israel. It takes a special kind of person to show up at a candlelight vigil for a civilian killed in a pizza store and hold up a sign saying (in hebrew) that the person deserved what they got.

NK has done a fabulous external PR job. Internally they are a pariah. Their members (a lot less than they would have you believe) are not permitted in the synagogues of the mainstream Satmar Hasids because the Satmars do not tolerate anyone who wishes ill fate on a fellow Jew regardless of their political views. Yes, Satmars are not Zionist, but no, Satmars don't wish harm on Jews in Israel like NK does.

Externally NK is seen as being anti zionist and pro Arab rights. Nothing is funnier than that. Make no mistake about it, NK could not care less about the lives of the Arabs in the middle east. Their belief is that a Jew who goes to Israel is wrong and will suffer. They're not protesting Israel because they love Palestine. Only someone incredibly naive or unfamiliar with the situation could believe that. They're protesting Israel because they hate Israel. To the NK, the Palestinians are simply "there." They have no feelings either way towards them.

Whenever NK does something there are always people who jump up and down and say "look there's some Jews who hate those Israelis". Hopefully this will clarify things for you a little bit. Next time you see some kindly looking old rabbis who seem to be advocating Arab rights, remember this. They're not pro-arab, they simply want harm for any Jew who sets foot in Israel before what they deem to be the "redemption".


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