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United Airlines...More Like Hot Garbage!

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posted on Jan, 30 2019 @ 03:07 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
a reply to: Edumakated


Just further proof bag fees are bogus and not anything to do with fuel prices, but rather just because they can. Otherwise the opposite would be the case.

Yeah, bag fees are bogus. If anything checking bags should be free and they should charge for carry on bags. Carry on bags is what mucks up efficient boarding and exiting the plane.

posted on Feb, 2 2019 @ 02:14 AM
First I never thought deregulation of the airlines was a bad thing .
the idea is sound and is in effect making it a free enterprise system like any other (usually) service/product.

No industry, service or product should be price controlled/ guaranteed set profit.
that is in a nutshell socialism/communism and we know how well that works.

where airlines went off the rails is that those agencies (FAA and transportation dept) that were supposed to enforce regulations for safety, security , and customer protection NEVER did their jobs and in essence became lap dogs to the airlines.

Lets take safety for example.
the 911 hijackers tactics were well known and in fact airlines in europe and israel for DECADES had equipment, procedures and training in place.
My parents were flying in the 90s in germany or austria (sorry cant remember which specifically). While sitting on the taxiway waiting for their turn to take off they heard an explosion. the americans on the flight looked visibly shaken but the europeans and crew didnt bat an eye... when my mom asked the crew what happened they casually said "they blew up a suspicious package". My mom asked is this unusual to which they replied "no it happens more than a few times a month".
they had a problem, had way to deal with it, and not disrupt the service in any major way.
in fact if you looked at how they designed their airports and how they did their check in you notice that it was set up to deal with any threats. If someone looked like a threat they as matter of course had extra questions, checks and if necessary way to quietly but firmly remove someone to another area.
if someone didnt respond officers with appropriate equipment (yes even firearms) came "out of the woodwork" and deal with it.

airlines before 911 had the cheapest overworked security officers to provide security with half the security equipment that europe and israel used.. Ironically all made in USA (info gotten from 60 minutes article)

even something as simple as armored LOCKED cockpit doors were standard for decade (and in Israel case even longer) or more.

but in US when even after 911 the airlines threw a fit and claimed it would cost too much and when forced said they needed YEARS to do... along with DEMAND (and got) government aid and/or fee increases just for that.

also add they allow "overbooking" of sorts at airports.
they allow the maximum amount of flights if the weather was PERFECT and everyone is running perfectly.
NO ALLOWANCE for anything going wrong.

Lets take aircraft maintenance.

they regulate inspections and repairs . How many stories have we had of falsified records, bad parts, unqualified repair people/outfits, faa inspectors not doing their damn jobs, and when (not if) something went wrong the fines were "negotiated" to a very low amount with NO ONE or ONLY LOW LEVEL PEOPLE BEING PUNISHED .
even that punishment was mostly a joke.

now on to customer protection.

we all know about the "overbooking" that is allowed here and only in this industry.
add to it if everyone shows up they dont have to make it right for the consumer for THEIR OWN FAULT.

Now add the things like "fuel surcharge", "911 surcharge", the "per bag baggage" that NEVER get challenged by the regulators. Even when (ex fuel charge) the fuel prices went DOWN and fee still there.
Hell they dont even have any shame and BRAG how much THEY MAKE on specific charges.

Then the openly admitting making seats smaller than average american and MAKING THEM PAY extra for extra seat.
I am 6 2 and 235. not exactly large but even my frame I at best just fit.

In short when any regulator ever grows a pair and enforces the rules they pitch a fit and WIN.

If I could place overall (or most of) the blame for this mess is the government ITSELF.

they are not regulators or protectors, but (even by their own words at some press releases) PARTNERS with the airlines.

but if we are honest the real people responsible is US.

we dont demand and hold accountable our own representatives, our government and (when we can) continue to use the airlines.


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