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The Great Distraction

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posted on Jan, 14 2019 @ 07:16 AM
Disclaimer: No sources, no facts, purely anecdotal personal conjecture.

It is becoming more apparent to me that a major distraction is underway, and has been for some time. Decades.
Possibly centuries.

Currently, in every single country in the world, the population is locked into some sort of disagreement. These populations locked in dispute are typically divided into two sides. For example: Libs vs Dems, Leave vs Remain, Socialist vs Capitalist, West vs Rest. This in itself is an indicator that something suspicious is afoot; the fact that most disputes are rarely black or white (two sided) should make us question the disputes. In 99% of cases the solution to a problem lies somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Yet we are forced (normally by the media) to take one side over the other.

The result of Earth’s population being locked in dispute is distraction. There is a constant cycle of dispute but never is there a resolve. One illusion of resolve merely leads on to an evolution of the original dispute, or a completely new dispute.

For example, the world will not get measurably better if the UK remains in the EU, nor will it get measurably better if the UK leaves the EU. There will of course be positive and negative outcomes but in the long run, no matter what the outcome, these will equal each other out and the end result will be another dispute in which the populace are forced (by the media) to take one side or another, whilst those in power remain unaffected.

(Interestingly as an aside, when individual disputes are looked into in depth, be it climate change, economics, whatever, it is generally the case that being able to be completely in agreeance with one side or another is impossible due to a few things: 1) lack of available knowledge, 2) lack of expertise to allow the ‘everyman’ to understand the available knowledge on offer, or even 3) lack of experience of the specific obstacle or argument).

People have been locked into these disputes for centuries. I understand that disputes of old generally stem from rich and powerful people dragging peasants and soldiers into war for their own gains, not to provide a distraction. However of late, over the last few decades it seems to me that whilst the rich and powerful are still dragging us into wars for their own gain, there are other ‘moral panics’ or ‘band wagons’ which are pushed at us. This ends up with the populace becoming increasingly distracted with increasingly futile distractions. Always negative, for obvious reasons.

This is leading me to wonder what the distraction is. From what or for why is it necessary to keep the populace distracted? The common answers in our circles is that we are being distracted from a major cover-up, from a secret government deal, a Regulation being signed behind our backs, maybe distracted from alien contact – all specific ideas from which we are being distracted.

I have a different opinion.

I believe we are being distracted from ourselves.

The more time I spend away from the daily distractions of politics and the media the more I am growing as a person. I’m not perfect, completely the opposite. I get angry, I eat rubbish, I drink too much (again). But removing the negative distractions from my life is allowing me to become more understanding, more compassionate and my brain is working better. It’s faster, it’s tighter, and it’s beginning to understand the bigger picture.

I have replaced many of the distractions with healthier habits. I won’t go into details. You’ll accuse me of being a hippy.

So am I getting closer to a universal truth? And if I am would we all be stronger if we got rid of the futile distractions from our life and worked on ourselves to become closer to the universal truth as a group?

I don’t doubt that politics can have beneficial effects on our lives if we fight for what we believe in – but does the benefit of positive political outcome outweigh the benefit of personal and spiritual growth and the effect this could have on the entire planet?

I personally doubt it does.

posted on Jan, 14 2019 @ 07:20 AM
a reply to: and14263

or the 12,068 year cycle.
2046 here we come.

posted on Jan, 14 2019 @ 08:15 AM

originally posted by: username74
a reply to: and14263

or the 12,068 year cycle.
2046 here we come.

I do not know about this.... I am now reading about it. Seems interesting.

posted on Jan, 14 2019 @ 09:53 AM
a reply to: and14263

maybe thats the 21 trillion and the DUMBs explained.
then i thought maybe if that knowledge had survived last time (nothing fancy)
and had been passed down, maybe not consistently, but through cults propagating cults,
(also it would account for our traumatised human condition), then that would explain all the symbolism and disinformation.
it would also be a good explanation for attempted global tyranny
through finacial ponzi scheme (to secure all spectrum dominance after a catastrophe)
for a conspiracy of history
for control of the dna info
for control of patents to suppress discovery
because if there is an overarching conspiracy those are the factors that you would need to control with your cabal
its the only event that could explain the state of everything.
it even explains denver airport
antarctica (bolthole)
mk ultra (human farming towards a goal noone would want)
now thats a rabbit hole

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posted on Jan, 14 2019 @ 12:00 PM
Splitting the population with dissent has only one overarching goal. keep the masses divided. Some Greek guy expounded on it a couple of centuries ago with a bundle of sticks. Have you not noticed every mechanism that could get the population together is derided and made to look evil.
In the UK this was the "unions". Breaking them was not about Evil union bosses but the simple fact that the unions had the mechanism to organise the masses, hence the unions (the people) bringing down a government in the early 1970s. And that was the catalyst to outlaw and break the unions up, but in doings so they completely ripped the heart out of British industry.
Keep divided, keep control. That includes any form of dissent that might bring the controllers to justice, control to do what they want at any time, control to take what money they want.
They are just a minor couple of reasons but there are many more, the rabbit hole is deep.

posted on Jan, 15 2019 @ 08:21 AM
a reply to: and14263

You definitely have a point and I'm able to confer that if you don't watch the news or read about it... the main headlines of disaster and fear... you do feel a whole lot better and healthier in the body and mind. Even feel a whole lot healthier being away from facebook!

All that propaganda, fear and bs is what keeps us depressed and sad. We get fed daily depressing and sad stories and we are supposed to feel sympathy and empathy all the time.... this takes our positive energies away which are replaced with negativy vibes!

Unfortunately, you can't always get away from it... youtube is available... and ATS. ha ha.

On the other hand... if we switch all this off, we won't get to see what sneaky Governments and people in powerful positions are upto or the evil people in the World.
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posted on Jan, 15 2019 @ 08:23 AM
a reply to: username74

Whats a "micronova"?

If you are referring to our star, the Sun, she will continue for about another 4.5 to 5.5 billion years, when she will deplete her supply of hydrogen, helium, and collapse into a white dwarf or dramatically expand to become a red giant. She's is not massive enough to become a nova or supernova through.
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posted on Jan, 15 2019 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: TruthxIsxInxThexMist

You're right, it's a double edged sword... Although I feel if I completely extract it from my being I won't care what the sneak Gov is getting up to. However that's potentially selfish.

I was speaking to a Chinese family the other day, addressing the topic of censorship in the country. One of the points which has stuck in my mind is the fact that some (not all) censorship in China is centered around keeping bad news and negative stories hidden from the population. The theory behind this is that is enables the workforce to keep happy and remain at the peak of productivity... A happy worker is a good worker.

Obviously censorship is not ideal and China doesn't just censor bad news to protect the spirits of its people BUT there's something in this which I find positive.

posted on Jan, 15 2019 @ 01:58 PM
a reply to: and14263

Didn't know that about China. I mean i know China has it's faults and is a communist country and also treats most workers like slaves but cutting bad news out is something which would benefit the well-being of people.

But then what do people consider 'bad news' worthy not the need to know.? We all have different views on what is 'bad news' and what isn't, what is newsworthy and what isn't, where should our attention be etc
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posted on Jan, 18 2019 @ 01:47 AM

originally posted by: and14263

I believe we are being distracted from ourselves.

You are mainly distracted from the reality of our Creator by the one who the Bible describes as "the ruler of this world", who also incidentally likes to use the 'divide and conquer' technique. He's pulling the strings here.

And this is one of his main tools of distraction:


Real science, knowledge of realities compared to unverified philosophies and stories

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