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Article on ET disclosures

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posted on Aug, 25 2002 @ 02:13 AM
I found an intersting article about ET secrets released by Dr Wolf. Does anyone have any comments about the article or the accuracy of the information?

posted on Aug, 25 2002 @ 06:57 AM
Who wrote this book ? Dr Wolf or an hollywood scriptwriter ?

It was cool to read it.

Where is " J" now ? With " K " ?

posted on Aug, 25 2002 @ 07:26 AM
I know it sounds farfetched but it should not be totally dismissed. If Dr Wolf is telling the truth then this is very significant. Either way i'm glad you enjoyed it.

posted on Aug, 25 2002 @ 08:43 PM
In addition to all his articles/books mentioned on UFO boards, I am also finding mention on these same boards that he's a fraud and that his credentials are faked.

Stanton Freedman, one of the leading UFO investigators for many years also proclaims that Wolf is a fraud and has no credentials.

It apparently started quite a brouhaha, but my money's on Freedman.

Let me post MY quibble here: "Dr Wolf said he had an MD in neurology; a Ph.D in theoretical physics; a BS in biogenetics; a JD in international law; and a D.Sc. in computer sciences."

Now, to get an MD in neurology, you have to go through 4 years of college. Then 4 years of med school plus 2 years of residency. THEN you have to have 2-3 years in your specialty and then get board certification.

That makes you at least 30 before you can start practicing. At that point you have a ghastly amount of debt from the cost of all that schooling.

NOW... on top of that, he goes to get a PhD in physics. Alas, most of what you learn in med school doesn't apply to physics. So you then have to go back and level (take makeup courses in certain areas), THEN get your Masters' (3-4 years. I know this, because I did this when I got my Masters'), and THEN get your PhD... depending on how you did this, it's a total of 4-6 years.

Grad school isn't free. It costs a ghastly amount of money. So now the darling boy is 35 years old and well over half a million in debt (no kidding).

Getting a DSc -- no such degree plan and no certification that I can find. If they meant a PhD, add another four years.

And another ghastly wad of money.

But wait -- there's a BS in biogenics. Alas, for Dr. Wolf, no college in the US seems to offer this particular degree. In fact, no university that's anywhere on the Internet offers a degree in this discipline.

And then there's the JD in international law. If we throw out the biogenics and say he went on to get a JD, it will take him about another 6 years. My brother-in-law's a lawyer, and I simply asked him about it.

And by now, he's well beyond half a million in debt, and he's hitting 40.

And he hasn't PRACTICED any of it, just acquired the degrees.

Unless, of course, he bought them from one of those spammers that fill your mailboxes with their junk.

And when did the man get the time to build up credit and so forth to serve on ANY councils before he dropped dead of cancer? And why would any security group hire someone who's beyond half a million dollars in debt???

Here's a clue: They won't. If you have extraordinary debts, you are deemed a security risk and they won't hire you. If hired, your security clearance will be dropped.

This happened to a friend of ours who worked at Raytheon and got into financial trouble after a house fire. His clearance was canceled when they got close to bankruptcy and he was kept under close watch until they quit bouncing checks and got caught up on their bills.

Academically, the guy's a fraud.

I see other problems. Here's a synopsis of his statement of the Roswell crash, taken from that website you pointed to:
"Two craft crashed at Roswell after colliding with each other during an electrical storm. "

Mmmmkay. So these guys are able to travel a bazillion miles across space, show up cloaked with all sorts of sophisticated tech -- AND CAN'T FLY IN A SIMPLE ELECTRICAL STORM WHICH ANY OF OUR MODERN PLANES CAN GET THROUGH JUST FINE???

How about: "His first major assignment was working alongside Carl Sagan and other top scientists - their job to understand the intricacies of a huge ET beacon dubbed The Monolith " He then goes on to say it was brought back to Earth (no explaination of how) in 1971. Either they had ET help (in which case, what's the need to study the Monolith?) or they didn't (I'd surely like to know how they got it back in those TEENY space capsules they were flying at the time. Or how they even got CLOSE to it.

"2001, A Space Odyssey", anyone? Here's another scoop for him: Carl Sagan's movements can be traced. In 1971, he wasn't working for NASA on anything... he was a full professor at Cornell (I got this from several bios of his).

...and so on. Another fraud, looking for fame and money.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 05:55 AM
Dr Wolf claims his impressive education was paid for by the government so he could work for the Alphacom Team. This article sould not be dismissed only because the claims sound farfetched. The information he provided must be checked against what other UFO researches have come up with for simularities.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 08:47 AM
"Farfetched" doesn't begin to describe that explaination, I'm afraid. I used to be in the academic circles, and it's just beyond farfetched.

The government doesn't pay for advanced education. If you're hired by them and working for them, they'll reimburse the cost of your education. HOWEVER... if you're working and going to school, you can double (and triple) the time it takes to get those degrees. Some of them would simply be impossible to get *and* to work at the same time. Doctor of Jurisprudence is one such degree. So is Neurologist. So is MD.

And let's not forget the nonexistant degrees.

Nor do the degrees make any sense. If you were researching/deconstructing a piece of equipment you don't want someone on it who's got specialties in five or six fields... because they don't know any field in depth. You'd want specialists who had a lot of research in a particular field; someone who'd published numerous papers. You'd want the top nuclear scientists, the top engineers, the top astrophysicists, the top linguists, and the top anthropologists.

And you'd want them with lots and lots of field experience.

You'd want Carl Sagan. You'd want neurologist Johnathan Cole. You'd want a cultural anthropologist like Margaret Mead. You'd want a physicist like Stanton T. Friedman. You'd want software engineers and materials engineers and electronics engineers and physiologists and so forth.

That sort of research is hard to keep quiet. There'd be papers... and someone like Sagan would have hinted at it very strongly, going on and on about specific plausible types of aliens.

...which Sagan never did.

There's a lot of other problems that point to Wolf's material as being pure nonsense (and even UFO researchers are claiming this.) But strictly from an academic sense, the story is pretty obviously faked.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 11:41 AM
The clue is in the first paragraph: "He attained a very high 'Above Top Secret' clearance level and worked primarily on joint ET/human scientific projects."

Joint ET/human projects, thatís an infamous words of all daft and naive 15 year olds. Take my word for it.

Bollox to it.

Also keep your eye on things that carry a "Wolf" tag. I've noticed that little kiddies with low IQ have astonishing fascination with calling things wolf.
I think i know where it comes from
Has anyone of you played Tribes? Its a game with target market strictly for 12 year olds and main act is the fighting between humans and starwolfs
. And about half of missions, scripts, names and aliases have something to do with wolf.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 01:07 PM
I told you, this Dr Wolf saw to much Hollywood movies. But I repeat, it was funny to read it.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 03:09 PM
Dr. Wolf's writing may seem much like some script written for the next action movie, but understanding needs to be found that not all high academicaly oriented people, or people with government ties act and or write/talk like mindless drones that were with the government for years. I am going to take it upon myself to look into his writings, and I will share my findings. Many out there claim they have high government ties, but on further investigation on there evidence to see if it adds up, it is worse then a drunk sailor tells you in a bar.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 07:13 PM

Originally posted by Tyler
The clue is in the first paragraph: "He attained a very high 'Above Top Secret' clearance level and worked primarily on joint ET/human scientific projects."

Joint ET/human projects, thatís an infamous words of all daft and naive 15 year olds. Take my word for it.

Bollox to it.

Also keep your eye on things that carry a "Wolf" tag. I've noticed that little kiddies with low IQ have astonishing fascination with calling things wolf.
I think i know where it comes from
Has anyone of you played Tribes? Its a game with target market strictly for 12 year olds and main act is the fighting between humans and starwolfs
. And about half of missions, scripts, names and aliases have something to do with wolf.

Even if what he says is not true, Dr Wolf is (was) a real person, not some punk kid. If you do some research you will find many people that have spoken with him as well as photos and other information.

Cheers to hunter for checking it out.

posted on Aug, 26 2002 @ 08:50 PM
Hunter, all you have to do to get confirmation that the degrees are faked is to show the web page to any PhD in the hard sciences. If I were you, I'd pass that along to the PhDs that you've mentioned who are members of the Grey Society. Pick one of the ones who's had to deal with the medical school to ship the URL to, and point out the term "biogenics."

Every scientist likes a few good laughs to start the morning with. That one should get the biologists sputtering and guffawing.

I know it's faked in the same way that our ex-military members here know when someone's faking a military position or faking a security clearance.

Been there. Did that. Got the tee shirt. My real name actually appeared in MATERIA MEDICA (medical research... HUGE volume listing names, dates, papers published) from 1982 thrugh the early 90's for some papers I wrote in conjunction with my professors.

I don't want to waste everyone's time boring them with the details of how someone who's done research spots faked credentials in research. Yeah, I read Asimov and Sagan and Lewis Thomas and a whole bunch of science popularizers. I know that scientists don't have to be dry and high-toned. And I do know all the signs of a real fake... like this one.

But the PhDs in your group can sit down with you and explain the ins and outs of academia, research, and getting important government positions and funding and how to tell the fakes from the real ones.

...after they quit laughing.

posted on Mar, 29 2003 @ 06:09 PM
Whoís to say that Dr Wolf is a fake? Although I havenít been active as much as I have wanted (having only come on line recently and just getting laughed at when I have asked questions) to be in the research and study of UFOís I canít say that I have read much of Dr Wolfís writings and if any of what he says is true about his ìqualificationsî hasnít anyone thought that if he was involved in research with aliens then they might have a way to enable someone to learn these qualifications very, very quickly

posted on Mar, 29 2003 @ 07:16 PM
Even if it is fake this statement has true implications.

: He had spoken at length to the ETs about God and death. "Our bodies are merely containers for the soul. When people die their consciousness simply moves into another dimension." On God Dr Wolf said, "Some ETs call God The Forever - the creator behind everything in the universe." On Jesus Christ , "He was of joint ET/human heritage - sent to Earth as an attempt to end human violence." Whether a Zeta, Pleiadian, Altaran, Human etc.. we share the same God - we are all family.

so does this one

: A planet is a living entity with its own consciousness. ETs commune with their planet to create a harmonious relationship. Dr Wolf says, "Some planets grow buildings of pure silicon for the inhabitants out of unconditional love. I have seen and held this silicon. I have also witnessed Zetas communicate with Earth."

we are all family and there is only one GOD

[Edited on 30-3-2003 by abstract_alao]

posted on Mar, 30 2003 @ 05:24 PM
Just my opinion, but there's too much information there. It ties in nicely with so much that we've all heard before so it becomes plausible, but it just seems too good, to much, to be true.
Apart from that he seems to have spent so long studying that he wouldnt have had enough time to do any work!

posted on Apr, 3 2003 @ 01:45 PM

Having just completed reading the article about ìDr Wolfî I find my self thinking that this piece and more than likely the bloke as well are fakes although Iím open to hard facts about his conditionals and the truth about he came to get them.

Although I still think that it could be possible for an ET accelerated learning program but have no proof.

Having had a close encounter of my own and losing several hours in the process I still find it hard to believe some of the things that Dr Wolf has to say in his writings but who in the government is going to stand up and tell us the TRUTH.

posted on Apr, 3 2003 @ 03:14 PM
finally finished that article...whew!

"My God, it's full of stars" As was mentioned...Monolith? (2001, 2010) Stargates (Stargate, Contact)??? This is pretty out there. Pleidians, Reticulans, oh my... Sounds like someone just rolled up a lot of UFO folklore and tied it with a bow...he only forgot to mention the bigfoot aliens, and the mothman....

Byrd is correct on the academics, but it doesn't allow for child prodigy, scholarships, and the like. However, such a prodigy would have other press documentation, that would have survived any lazar-like records wipe... I'll bet his book is quite entertaining though....

Sorry Lightning, but I'm going to have to say "fake" here as well, and I think the good Dr is crying "Wolf"

Sorry, couldn't resist it...

Most of the research I've done suggests that the EBE's agenda is anything but benign... Just look at the S-4 incident. While he managed to cite the incident, he failed to explain how such lovey-dovey aliens found the need to suddenly vaporize 41 people!!! Why not just take out the one combatant? Or some other, non-lethal mind trick? Sorry, this story just doesn't jive...The book is on my list though, sounds rather interesting...

For those without the inclination to read the article, the book is called "Catchers of Heaven" by Dr. (?) Michael Wolf.

posted on Apr, 4 2003 @ 12:49 AM
As for the blasting of 41 people, when you're captured in a room surrounded by your captors...and one of them shoots one of your own, you kill whomever you can. We'd do the same in similar circumstances.

As for non-benign motives...come on, you don't honestly believe that such advanced beings couldn't simply destroy all of our space based weapons and toys? If they are coming from damn Orion and Pleadies they have conquered either faster than light speed travel or hyperspace. They could send an armada (if one of their ships has hyperspace, then all of them do, like all of our cars have windshield wiper blades) and sack the power bases of the earth such as washington and any of the secret facilities they already kknow about. Who can fight that? We wouldn't even bother trying to fight back, because you can imagine that if we have cool EMP bombs, then they have strategies and weapons 500 years or 1000 yrs more advanced that can shut down entire cities and that includes missile launches and fighter planes which would all be disabled forever. Then what?

I'm sure they have technology we can't even begin to imagine, and it wouldnt surprise me at all if in their past, they were helped along by even more advanced "aliens"...remember, they saw UFOs in their past as well. But, I similarly don't understand their policy of non-interaction...they say they are concerned about the earth, yet remain on the sidelines and allow it to be destroyed all to save the economy and religious sensibilities? I don't buy that at all...what good is an economy if the people destroy the world? That part doesn't wash with me. That seems too star trek-ish.

An alien only signs a treaty because it wants to, not because it has to. Pulsed radar may have downed a few ships, but they are, generally speaking, interested in friendly relations most likely because they are not conquerors and dont view us as a threat whatsoever. And they have fun here maybe..and why not, I'm sure they can appreciate an uninhabited island with beachfront property like the rest of us.

Obviously they dont have an actual concern for people in general, otherwise they'd have helped with technology more and helped get us away from destructive fuel sources. They'd contact the people at large and actually talk to them without wiping their memories away after strange experiments. Most people would gladly agree to a routine examination by these guys as long as it wasn't all anal probes....

posted on Apr, 4 2003 @ 11:57 AM
gross assumptions based on other assumptions....

Likewise, assumptions can be used to counter the arguement, as well as facts. Who's to say this technology is really THAT advanced? A tv is FAR more advanced than a radio, yet television took only a few decades longer to be in homes... If you had told someone in radio in the 20's about television, they would have thought you were talking sci-fi... Read every available source out there (even the out-there ones), and you'll get a few common threads that seem to coalesce into a picture of what might be the situation. The aliens are in trouble. There is something they need from us. They approached us under false pretenses and with a hidden agenda. They bowed out of the deal, and broke the agreement. There was an altercation, then a patching up, but with being wary of each other. Since then, we have found some means to effect a "stalemate".

I just don't buy that "benign" aliens vaped 41 people. I'm sure they had other defenses other than such a display, some of which were detailed in his own article... The "monolith" and the "stargate" aside....just too many other things in there that don't add up.

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