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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Reno?!

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posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 02:14 PM
I just had a horrible thought that kept me up last night. Here are the facts I've considered.

1. Hillary Clinton is most likely going to be the Democratic candidate in 2008.
2. George "Dubya" Bush could easily make a severe bungle that would ruin the chances of a Republican winning the next term.
3. Knowing that Hillary would be in some respects a continuation of her husband's dynasty, there is no question that at least a few people from Bill's Cabinet would find their way into the new administration.
4. Janet Reno as Attorney General did do a bunch of things in the Justice Department to attempt to improve defense against terrorism, which establishes some credentials that might make her a candidate for Homeland Security Secretary.
5. Janet Reno is also well-known for her involvement in atrocities like the Frank Fuster case in 1984 and the Waco incident in 1993.
6. Even if Hillary Clinton doesn't become the Dem candidate, which is possible as long as Howard Dean's in charge of the DNC, it's still rather likely that a few people from Bill Clinton's Cabinet would be brought into the next Democrat administration.

Frankly, I find this possibility absolutely horrifying. Is there anything I don't know that might calm me down?

(Edit: added point 6)

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