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Biohacker injects himself with DNA sequence made from Bible and Koran verses

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posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 06:04 PM
It’s just dumb.

And probably dangerous.

The new Tide Pod.

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 06:37 PM

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posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 06:45 PM
We have:

* Corporate mad scientists (eg Monsanto)
* Military mad scientists (eg nukes, bio-wepons, ionospheric heaters
* Individual mad scientists. (Guys like this one)

Perhaps it is just a matter of time before there will be mobs of angry peasants with torches and pitchforks burning down universities and libraries.

The inquisition and book burnings all over again.

(shakes head) tsk tsk, this will all end in tears . . . .

posted on Dec, 20 2018 @ 07:55 PM

originally posted by: Wayfarer
You've got better odds of getting hit by lightning twice in the same place and spontaneously developing the ability to fly than any 'positive' mutation manifests from injecting random DNA hacks. If anything happens, its almost certainly going to be bad.

This exact logic is why evolutionary theory is totally impossible.

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 12:30 AM
Well.....Knowing what I know. Currently according to the bible there is a long term top level Leviticus 26 curse on the world.

This fool is likely to become a super villain or an antichrist more than a superman. He could be Plagueman.

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 12:41 AM
Huh, I never knew the Bible, or Koran contained DNA sequences

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 06:57 AM
Why mix the Bible AND Koran? I get that they "sprung" from the same source...

If this guys lucky, nothing happens.
If he's smart, he's already planned ahead for this, injected himself with a harmless saline solution, will pretend like he's seeing messages in his mind or dreams, and claim to be "the messiah" and start a new religion combining Christianity and Islam, succeeding in either: A) removing the extremism from Islam, or B) adding [new, heretofore unseen forms of] extremism to Christianity

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 07:28 AM
a reply to: dashen

Sounds vlike the new style"stick fork in electrical socket" test,nothing good comes out of it,wishful thinking doesn't always gel with science

posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 08:44 AM
The guy clearly has zero experience in the theology of either religion, or he wouldn't have included Islamic 'scripture'.

Being well-versed in both, I can affirm that of the three 'Abrahamic' faiths, Islam is utterly illegitimate. The Judaic faith laid the groundwork to move the world from brutal tribalism to lawful nationhood & general human rights (learn about the 'Jubilee' within Judaic law - incredibly advanced social guidelines). The Christian faith represents the fulfilment of the Judaic promise (as recorded by the Jewish prophets) with the arrival of Messiah (the anointed one) whose earthly ministry, execution, bodily resurrection & ascension to the heights of heaven, ultimately provided a means of individual salvation for any person otherwise spiritually lost/stricken with suffering in one form or another.

This salvific operation also generated a new mode of civilisation, which combined the law-giving of Judaism with the call for charity, brotherly love, forgiveness, mercy & grace accompanying the Christian tradition. This gave rise to a faith system (Christianity) which further advanced a liveable synthesis of the key Judaic precepts - Justice, Mercy & Humility. These precepts were stated in the Old Testament by God (via the prophet Micah) as the foundation of moral inclination which was required of Humanity in its 'fallen' condition.

We cannot be perfect, yet we can implement our decisions & behaviours in accordance with this tripartite grouping of 'perfect principles'. These precepts were to be assimilated & expressed as prime over all other basic considerations in the moral life, and were seen to be more valuable than the perpetual sacrifices of the Jewish religious tradition. When the atonement provided by Christ is combined with these principles of perfection then we have the completion of the Abrahamic tradition. It is written, it is fulfilled. The advance to Christendom was an evolution in world civilisation, and the amalgamation of Jewish & Christian tradition, with the best aspects of the Greco-Roman tradition too, is what gave rise to our Western values of democracy, law & order, civic duty, duty of care to neighbours & countrymen, etc. Without this synthesis of religious thinking, the morality of 'the next best civilisation' (Roman civilisation) was still predominantly lacking in any modern sense of human love, equality & righteousness. Sure, they had justice of a sort, and learning of a sort - but scratch the surface & it was cold, brutal, even whimsical & perverse in its darker spheres of power.

And so, what of Islam? Why does it claim to be an Abrahamic faith? And why is it so overwhelmingly bent on terrorism & domination of other cultures? How can Christ's wonderful 'Sermon on the Mount' be forced to suffer any supposed legitimate connection to the utter barbarism of the Quran, Hadith & Sunnah (the oral sayings of the prophet & his successors)..?

Well, the facts are rather interesting, and you'll perhaps be surprised to learn that the barbarism was predicted long in advance, with the fact of Islam's illegitimacy as an Abrahamic faith being formalised in the same ancient prophetic reference material. You see, the Abrahamic promise ("..the whole Earth will be blessed through you [Abraham]") basically amounts to the following:

With the Jewish tradition having been in place for over a thousand years at the time of Christ's birth, the Middle East was primed to receive the presence of the Messiah, who had been forecast to appear & take Humanity, via the Jews, to the 'next level' of civilisation, of spiritual wisdom, offering a means of salvation for those who had gone down wrong paths & fallen afoul of the Universal law, which we might term 'karma/dharma' in summary of the basic Judaic canon. Before the ministry, death, resurrection & ascension of Christ, there was no way that a fallen & lost human could turn the nature of his/her soul back upon itself - there was no way to be made clean, made whole, made righteous. Any deliberate actions to change one's ways would be difficult, and would not engender any sense of triumph, only a dull plodding of day by day actions without the sure knowledge of salvation. Once it had become possible to be 'born again', a sort of magical solution had passed through the soul-stuff of the human collective unconscious - it had become apparent that it was possible to start again, to make amends, to do so joyfully & in certain assurance, deep within one's spiritual sense of self, that such a change had indeed been wrought. Not only that, but it became apparent that people could even get in direct contact with God - to sense the presence of the Holy Spirit, to receive wisdom & guidance, comfort & strength - directly from God's own hand.

With the advent of Christendom taking us zooming towards democracy & scientific enlightenment (with some bumps in the road along the way), what purpose could 'another' Abrahamic faith have? The answer, is NONE. The work had been completed. The promise of salvation was made via the Judaic canon; the actual salvific act came about in the person of Christ, and the Apostles ministered that salvation plan to the world, in no uncertain terms.

Islam? It contributed nothing at all, except a barely-understood rehashing of Judaic religiosity, plus a mandate for brutal conquest, enslavement, theft, rape, abuse & destruction on an industrial scale never before witnessed in world history. Convert or die was the message; every good man perished, every vagabond was overjoyed to convert - he could take four wives & as many servant girls as he pleased, and he could force himself upon any of them at any time, whether they consented or not. As part of the Caliph's army he enjoyed prime access to stolen treasures, satisfied his bloodlust on a regular basis, and basically had a wild old time.

Thomas Aquinas (Christian saint, tenth century) described how a righteous man, confronted by Mohammed when the Caliphate came to his doorstep & expressed the desire to convert his people & receive tribute, asked Mohammed for a sign to prove that his mission was godly. Mohammed replied that the sign he brought was that he came to rule the land & was justified in so doing purely by the strength of his arm - essentially saying his natural earthly strength/power was. in itself alone, a sign from God that he was supposed to rule. Thomas Aquinas rightly observed that this was nothing but the exact same sign demonstrated by thieves & murderers, with the clear implication that there is nothing at all godly about Mohammed, and his own words proved it. Mohammed could claim no true godly inspiration, and the utter depravity which followed him down the centuries (see Hadith & Sunnah) after the appearance of Islam is testament to the fact that he was absolutely NOT divinely-inspired. The precept of Taqiyaah means that a Muslim is permitted to deceive people by any means possible if it is profitable for the success of Islam, and so neither is there any personal honour in the world of Islam. The only time honour is mentioned is if a woman is murdered for somehow dishonouring her family. Perhaps by desiring an education, desiring to choose her own husband, or by having been raped. Yes, it is the woman's fault, if she is raped.


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posted on Dec, 21 2018 @ 08:45 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Getting back to the point, as to why & how Islam even got started in the first place:

Islam claims descent from Abraham via his son Ishmael - the son of Abraham's wife's slave (Hagar), who was sent away from Abraham's household when his own wife Sarai had a baby named Isaac. An angel consoled Hagar after this occurred, saying that the Lord God had determied to bless her son Ishamel by making his seed into a great nation to rival the nation that would come from Isaac, who had a name change to 'Israel' later on in his life (and hence he became the father of the nation of Israel). Ishmael's nation is not named, but the angel stated "I will also make him into a great nation; his hand will be raised against everyone else, and everyone else's hand will be raised against him".

Surely there is no better description of the so-called 'religion of peace' than to say that Ishmael's hand is raised against all others, and as a result, the hand of every other nation will be raised against his.

And this is why I say that had the man referenced in the OP known anything about Abrahamic theology, he would never have attempted to incorporate Quran scripture into his biohacking experiment.

As a final note, it is true to say that there is magical mystery to the language of Hebrew & especially the text of Biblical Scripture (which is why the Jewish scribes are entreated to ensure that in copying the manuscript, not one 'jot or tittle' can be recorded erroneously). Every single character must be recorded as an exact & faithful duplicate, so that the power of the scripture cannot be damaged. It must be exact & complete for it to be useful as Scripture.

I would be personally very interested to consider what sorts of biological information might be encoded in the original Hebrew lettering of the Old Testament, especially in the Pentateuch (5 Books of Moses). Certainly, knowing what I know, there are encoded layers of information in that scripture - I wonder whether this story has been concocted & 'leaked' to the world media so as to get certain people thinking along certain research lines...?

Stan Tenen has written an amazing book called "Hebrew - The Language that Changed the World", which is well worth a read if you want to understand some of the hidden treasures of the original scripture & Hebrew language itself. Unfortunately as a secular Jewish man who later became a practicing Jew after stufying Hebrew, he also makes the mistake of believing that Islam is a legitimate successor to the Abrahamic Judeo-Christian tradition. As noted explicitly in these two posts, the Islamic faith is illegitimate, seeded by a demonic power posing as an angel of light, and without any doubt whatsoever, it was intended purely to sow confusion, disruption, destruction, death & sadistic brutality upon the nations, in particular, to upend the Christian message & to destroy its works as far as possible. Its effects were/ are diametrically opposite in comparison with a properly understood & applied Judeo-Christian belief system.

Cheers, FITO.

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