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Frontline Facebook Dilema

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posted on Nov, 7 2018 @ 10:52 AM
Not sure how many members or lurkers checked out this two part series. I thought it was a fascinating look at how Facebook or rather those who manipulate it create so much division. During the 2nd part Russia was identified as one of the main players that did a fantastic job dividing us. I was unaware that they were equal opportunity dividers meaning that they would put up a white nationalist account and in addition to that put up an account that would be against white nationalists. Essentially controlling or directing both sides of the argument while getting data that could target adds to certain groups of people. Luckily I am not on Facebook but my impression on ATS was that a lot of right leaning information was censored but apparently not that much....there was also a good deal of misinformation from other countries dealing with issues that were longstanding.

It is worth a watch at least the second leg of the program. It's amazing that this kid who essentially built this app for college use is now one of the more powerful people in the world...really quite sad that this is the reality of things..

We can disagree but we should never turn our backs on what it means to be a caring human being

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