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NEWS: "The Syrians told us to do it."

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posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:22 AM
Pentagon-funded Iraqi News station Al-Iraqiya TV has broadcast what is claims are the testimonies of individuals responsible for dozens of beheadings in Mosul. The group includes at least one purported Syrian intelligence officer, and claims that Syria provided them with training, pay, and promises of nobility.
"We received all the instructions from Syrian intelligence,' said the man, who appeared in the propaganda video along with 10 Iraqis who said they had also been recruited by Syrian intelligence officers.

The videos were broadcast as the Bush administration steps up pressure on Syria to stop meddling in Iraqi affairs by allowing insurgents to cross into the country to fight coalition troops and by harboring former Iraqi regime members. Syria has denied the charges.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The sensational claim that a Sudanese man featured in the video has shot and killed US National Guard and American-contracted translators further diminishes the acceptable scope of discussion on this topic. The subsequent reduction in candid public discourse sets the stage for another, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists," unilateral strike.

This is exceptionally significant on the heels of the President Bush's assertion that the U.S. would support Israel in a military action against Iran.

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