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British soldiers in torture charge case,guilty.

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 04:57 AM
Any one watching british news last night may have seen the reports of 3 british soldiers being charged with offences of cruelty and torture towards iraqi prisoners that were caught looting in basra earlier in the conflict....2 face jail terms of maximum 2 years and one 6 months.
The stupid idiots got caught because they photographed there cruel acts on a friends camera which was taken for development at a high street camera shop.
This is a terrible blow for the british armed forces in general and has done nothing to help with the constant support needed for all our troops still serving in iraq...or for that matter any where else in the world.
Ive also had friends in the armed forces and some of the toughest lads i know can be super compassionate when called for...especially with the hardwork done by our troops with the 'hearts and minds' approach to this conflict.
I felt ashamed to be a brit when i saw this and any one using the lame exscuse that these guys were under pressure is just cop kill in a war is sometimes a nessesatie(spelling?)..torture and cruelty is not!
We have lost anything worth fighting for when this sort of thing happens.

ok those looters needed to be punished but a few weeks hard graft would have surficed...there plight is awful enough as it is without being beaten and humiliated by there supposed liberators!


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