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SCI/TECH: U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccine

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 01:12 AM
Against the backdrop of dire influenza pandemic warning, the government of the United States is set to test an experimental vaccine. In addition the government is stockpiling antiviral medications and is increasing surveillance in an effort to head off or contain any outbreaks. Last Wednesday the United Nations warned of a global pandemic.
WASHINGTON - Amid dire warnings of an Asian pandemic, the government is preparing to test an experimental bird flu vaccine and is increasing disease surveillance in hopes of reducing the toll from any eventual American outbreak.

Antiviral drugs are being stockpiled, and 2 million doses of vaccine are being stored in bulk form for possible emergency use and to test whether they maintain their potency.

United Nations officials warned on Wednesday that the Asian bird flu outbreak poses the "gravest possible danger" of becoming a global pandemic.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Its good to see the government taking preventative and precautionary steps before it becomes a huge problem. No doubt they are also dusting off a plan to seal the country up tight should the pandemic fears be true. With forecasts already showing that the majority of the planet lives in tightly packed urban environments, any outbreak will have to be swiftly contained to prevent its rapid spread.

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