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NEWS: WHO warns of bird flu pandemic

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 03:50 AM
According to World Health Officials the world is now in the gravest of danger from bird flu, fearing it may soon mutate to transmit easily between humans with the death toll being "enormous". Dr Omi told the conference "the world is now in the gravest possible danger of a pandemic".
Bird flu is proving resistant to treatments and has appeared in animals including cats and tigers which had not been considered susceptible to the virus.

"If the virus becomes highly contagious among humans, the health impact in terms of deaths and sickness will be enormous," Dr Omi said.

Dr Omi told the conference "the world is now in the gravest possible danger of a pandemic". Such outbreaks usually occur every 20 to 30 years, he said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I don't really know the details of this concern as many members here do, however it seems everyone is almost united in the opinion a pandemic is imminent.

What shocked me in the article is that about 140 million birds died or were slaughtered to try and contain the outbreak. That is an unbelievable amount of birds and shows that there is a major panic.

As has been pointed out to me something like this happens about every 30 years so we're overdue. With it being inevitable it seems the best thing world leaders can do is prepare for the worst of trying to keep its impact as minimal as possible.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 11:07 AM
I forgot to ask to those of you who know more about the subject, what could/should be done to make the impact of an iminient pandemic as minimal as possible?

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 11:39 AM
Immunosuppressive vaccinations (the refusal of which is a crime under the Emergency Health Powers Act) are coupled with "fear of pandemic" to drive healthy humans to Medical dungeons like lemurs. How many people do you know that received flu shots last year?

A Google-Newsing of "H5N1" reveals that the location of vaccination manufacture is a hot topic.

Leading scientists believe that some diseases are actually caused by immunosuppressive medications (i.e. AZT=AIDS).

So, in all likelihood, avoiding the "pound of prevention" (live-virus, immunosuppressive injections), will obsolete the "ounce of cure."

Of course, in the event that the new (very deadly and communicable human-to-human) strain of Avian Flu makes an appearance as a bioweapon we will not be allowed to refuse the vaccinations for ourselves, or our children.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 07:33 PM


China has rushed more than three million doses of bird flu vaccine to a remote area of the country after scores of birds were found dead with the virus.

The H5N1 virus can kill humans and has swept through parts of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

The area where the dead geese were found had been sealed off for 10 days.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 08:02 PM
Funny, i was around 20 and 30 years and dont remember this havent been a threat before. Maybe i just wasnt paying attention.

But then again, 30 years ago all living scientists and microbiologists werent murdered one after the other....hmmm...

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 09:34 PM
That bill does not need to be passed. We need links to contact each person in each state concerning this issue. Anyone know where to find whomever this may be?

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