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Please Review FTL Theory

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 02:07 AM
This guy did a movie a while back about ufo's, and had a little section on ftl. Here's an article he wrote more recently.

posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 12:53 AM
I also found this today:

Subject: RE: Speed of Gravity and the Galaxy Clock model


In our latest publication about the 'speed of gravity' ['Experimental Repeal of the Speed Limit for Gravitational, Electrodynamic, and Quantum Field Interactions', T. Van Flandern and J.P. Vigier, Found.Phys. 32(#7), 1031-1068 (2002)], we show that there is no need to 'get around' special relativity (SR) because that theory is now falsified in favor of Lorentzian relativity (LR). For your purposes, this means the universe has no speed limit.

The closest approximation online is the preprint 'The speed of gravity – Repeal of the speed limit' at

Physics has recognized for the past two decades that rest masses of moving bodies do not change. The apparent increase in inertia can as easily be explained as the problem that forces propagating at a speed s in some rest frame cannot possibly propel any mass faster than s, the speed of the force. Because electromagnetic forces are, quite naturally, limited by the speed of light c, so is the resultant speed they can induce (s < c). However, gravitational force and also Coulomb force [ 1 - 2 ] propagate faster than light (s > c), and therefore would have no problem in principle propelling bodies faster than light in forward time. (Time reversal is a feature of SR, not LR, and therefore does not come into play.)

In short, the 'universal speed limit' has been repealed.

Best wishes,

I would like to hear input about the letter above, as well as the theory roughly presented in the article i posted previously. Thanks

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