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How many are interested in playing ANY video or arcade game since 1980 all in one machine?

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posted on Jul, 26 2018 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Look up the Pandora box 5 from China. The Pandora boxes are arcade sticks with hundreds of games built into them. The latest one is 5 and there are a lot of clones out that place an “S” behind the version. For example there is Pandora’s box 4 and a 4s. If it has an “S” it’s not an original and has crappy hardware according to reviews. I don’t own one so I can’t say for sure.

Game list

posted on Jul, 26 2018 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

I think the trouble that some will have with this, is the fact that some people like totally different machines from back in the day, than others. For example, some people get all teary eyed about Street Fighter at the arcades, where as I never liked beat em' ups at the arcades at all. Some people like games featuring different models and types of lightgun, like Time Crisis and its various iterations, or House of The Dead, and so on.

I have seen various structures and patterns for light guns in arcade games. I have seen mounted guns with standard pistol grips and triggers, also mounted guns with paddle fire mechanisms, similar to a Browning mechanism, and of course the guns which are on cables, pistols, sub guns and rifle style ones.

Do you also intend therefore to manufacture and distribute accessories with this product, to match the feel of the games involving such things?

posted on Jul, 26 2018 @ 08:07 AM

originally posted by: DigginFoTroof
So I know there are a lot of people who are nostalgic about old video games from consoles like ColecoVision, atari, commodore, nintendo (all of them), sega systems (genesis, saturn, etc), play station, xbox, neo-geo all computer games and then ever game that was only in arcades (the big consoles you put quarters in). I'm sure I missed some systems, but you get my point, I'm talking about every video game that has come out, ever.

Now imagine if you had the option of buying an old arcade game console, the ones you stand in front of, or maybe the ones that are like tables you sit around (cocktail games I think they are called) - but they are COMPLETELY restored, look band new, custom paint, graphics, lights (and even HD/UHD screen - GASP - for those who aren't purists and want good video). No need for quarters any more, it just starts up.

Now inside this machine is a computer that has a program similar to those XBMC or Kodi or other multi-media management program (allows you to search your movie library, watch stuff online or cable, etc) but this program does this for games. you scroll through either the titles, genre, the game console type, etc - there are many ways to find a game you want to play. Then it just loads it and you play whatever it is right there on the "arcade" game with arcade controls, etc.

Now you can also have many different control setups for different types of games, so they switch out like changing keyboards (USB connector). You can even have many controllers hooked up at once for 1-8 players and even Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox or Wii controllers. There are no limits, especially if you want a custom control panel made! You can also make this a juke box that plays while gaming or when not, or both. It can also be a movie server like Kodi/XBMC or others, all in one package.

Now if you get tired of standing in front of the machine and you want to play the games on your nice new 85" LCD (yeah, a little overboard ATM), you can just change the output from the arcade monitor to your big screen, unplug the controls and either plug them in at the couch (USB extender) or use the Wifi or Bluetooth connection (battery powered - rechargeable though). Or you can move everything to your home office play at your desk or bedroom and play while you go to sleep.

With about 30,000 games to choose from, it may be awhile until you get tired of them all, but one thing for sure, is that they will have never looked or sounded better than they do now (with the built in sound system in the arcade console).

Oh, did I mention that all of this integrates into a home theater system (7,2 surround or better is available) so if playing on the big screen you can play through the home theater if you like.

I was planning on building one of these. I have everything to do it except for the arcade controllers and I'd build them custom anyway, but I'm wondering where to stop. When I first looked at it I only found about 7,000 games, now it is SO many more, not a problem with todays hard drive space though. I can either buy an old arcade chassis or build a new one (template online), IDK if an old one would have more charm or not.

So, I'm wondering how many of you would find something like this fun, useful, exciting, worthwhile, etc. Pricing is actually very reasonable depending upon options (more bling more $$), but I see people pay more for a phone these days and a pro built one of these cost less than my PC when I went to college in 98 (it was a very high end PC though).

I would thinkn this would be awesome for a man-cave and especially for people with kids, especially on the weekends if you need to keep an eye on kids (when they have friends over). Having something like this would be a small price to pay, if it would keep them occupied and out of trouble and maybe they could try and like some of the old games and have a bonding experience with the adults. Think about it, head to head Contra or Life Force, or 2 player Double Dragon.

Now some people don't want a new LCD monitor in their arcade cabinets, they want an old tube TV (50hz at that, not the 60 in consumer TV's in the US) so the graphics and feel look original. I'm wondering if it is possible to do both, install the tube but also have a fold down LCD for when newer games are to be played - then there is always the video out to any video device you have (LCD, Plasma, projector, etc).

So how many of you think something like this is interesting, especially since it can combine ALL games, ALL your movies (and any you can find online, ALL music (with awesome jukebox software) and much more with a starting price (for a low end custom build) of an expensive Iphone? BTW, it would most likely also be able to stream movies and music to other rooms while being used as a gaming system, so it's not locked into doing only one thing at a time.

I think this thing sounds awesome and I would have almost killed to have this as a kid and know some adults who might kill for it now. What do you guys think, is this something you would be interested in or enjoy? What do you like about it or what it could do, or what do you dislike? What would you like to see different, changed or added?

Oh, btw, it's also a standard computer and does everything a computer does (browsing, email, FB, etc) - I thought that was obvious, but maybe not to some people - and it's really fast!.

It's been done. Lots. There's emulators devoted to this. There's companies that make and sell custom arcade cabinets and tons of step by step make your own.
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posted on Jul, 26 2018 @ 08:16 AM
This thread, ironically, as the power went out today and I was left with my 80% charged phone and a 75% charged laptop, tethered together in the futile hopes of keeping the outside world alive aloft a darkened, candle lit room with only the sounds of silence broken only by an occasional SCREAM from the idiots kid next door, made me play lemmings again, for the first time since I could run it natively on a 486.

the HTML5 version is pretty spot on !!
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posted on Jul, 26 2018 @ 05:01 PM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof
Man I love arcade machines, and I think most of what you say can be built, its just a mater of time, money and completely understanding your specs.

I say this as an Arcade machine builder, restorer, business owner. We're based in the UK and we've built arcade, console, jukebox fusions. I love moding arcades, so you got me thinking.

We're not local so this is all just hypothetical.

So here's whats what we'd be capable of building based of your spec:-

A Very Large Arcade cabinet (Going to need a lot of space to fit all your dreams, lol)
Full covering graphic's
Full LED under and back lighting (possibly Philips ambilight)
2 Player 8 Button console panel with a select of other buttons for system controls(all LED with controllable function)
Duel screen system (I've never built one but I could see how it could work) The down side its gona take up loads of space.


2 or 3 modern consoles (These would be controlled via orginal controlers)
Pandora 5 + Jamma loom (arcade controls)
PC 1 - mame system that could run all the emulated games you like, Steam, PC games (arcade controls)
PC 2 - streaming services, Spotify, media service, music libary
2.1 or maybe surround sound if there's space

Cost - I have no idea, it could take a couple of weeks to sort the plans
you could build it yourself. All the parts and all the info to build a standard cab can be found online. Once you've mastered the basics start adding more systems to the cab.

good luck and keep gaming

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