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Explain Your Dreams...

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 08:26 PM
Have you ever had a bizzare dream that you were just dying to tell someone about? The only thing that stopped you was the fact that either no one would care or people would think that you were crazy.

Well here is your chance now... go ahead and tell us about any dream you have ever had worth expressing...

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 05:13 PM
Originally posted Oct,22,2004.
I lay down for a nap at about 11:00 am this afternoon and woke up about 3 hours later from a rather disturbing nightmare, thought I'd get it off my chest here.
I was sitting outside on my front porch, I heard an airplane flying over head coming towards me, it was a red airplane, not a commercial one, a personal one, anyway it was low, very low, somthing seemed to blow it upside down, it lost control and nosedived into the ground and errupted into flames. Just then I looked up and saw another plane flying in, identical to the last except this one was blue, it also lost control and hit the ground, errupting into flames, I ran with my portable phone in my hand, trying to turn it on to call 911 but it wouldnt turn on (a portable phone not a cell phone, so if this dream is prophetic wich I dont think it is, I think that part probably meant that I was too far away from home for it to connect) . I got to the scene of the crashes and saw that they had crashed in a parking lot that was completley fenced with a pad lock and chain on the gate (there is nothing like this around my house) , other people were there and just as I was approaching someone managed to get the gate open, as I ran farther a man said "hey" to me, he was an old man with white hair, streaks of grey, a long white beard, also with streaks of grey, grey eyes, a black baseball cap with a brown visor , a white cable knit sweater, faded black jeans, he smiled very gently at me, he was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk just watching the people run around screaming and yelling, very calm. I got to the front of the gate and saw gas on the ground, a body part lying beside one of the planes, on fire, and saw that one of the planes had hit a white car, its doors were open, the car was on fire, I started to yell at people to get back, the car was going to explode. Thats when I woke up. Anyway thats it. I welcome inturpratations.


posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 09:29 PM
I had a weird dream about 2 of my close friends being lesbeians together....creepy...I also have lots of weird dreams with me trying to infiltrate some sort of base...and just lots of disturbing dreams about my close friends.....creepy?

posted on Mar, 22 2005 @ 10:32 AM
Last night I had a dream that I might have been an observer in Germany when the Nazis were beginning their "rounding-up" of undesireables. This is the first I've had a dream of this sort of nature.
It took place outside a building that was a cross between an academic building and a hospital. There was a main building with a wing added to one end of it. Another wing was added to the first wing and it constructed a small courtyard and there was a rather large statue holding a book? (not sure as I didn't get close to it) and a spear in the other hand within this courtyard.
The interior of the building was white and clean and along the wall opposite of the entrance hallway was line of doors to offices and classrooms and one end was an open lecture hall that resembled a operating theater with the stadium-type seating.
Mind you, I've never been to Germany and I've never seen a building like this, but that wouldn't be the first time for me.
I followed one individual around and we went into a classroom, the teachers or professors didn't stop us nor did they or anyone protested our presence. The individual pulled one girl/woman out of her desk and looked into her bag. She had some sort of book about the Sexual Revolution during the early 1900s that had an orange and white cover. This girl also some sort of lubricating cream. The individual called her a sexual deviant and pulled her into the hallway and sent her to be "processed."
I noticed that there was a sign saying that it would take longer for non-students to be process, but that was in English. Everything else was in some sort of bizzaro German (I can't speak, read or write German, so my brain was making it up - I suppose, but I "sensed" it was German).
I was walking down the hall and noticed that large numbers of people were being pulled out of the classrooms and offices to be "processed". I was approached by a female officer who told me that my assistance was needed to handle an American, who happened to be on the premises.
I was taken to a classroom and the girl in question was obvious to pick out, she was very shaken and appeared scared. She had blonde hair that was pulled tight in a pony tail and she had a very plain face, in fact her nose may be characterized as being "too big."
I comforted the girl and told her that everything would be okay and that I would make sure nothing would happen to her...

Then I woke up. I made some quick notes and even sketched out the building (I'm a horrid artist) to keep it fresh in my head.

After I wrote this I did a quick Google search for "Sexual Revolution 1900" and both Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche had been published by then. Nietzsche died in 1900. That's odd for me considering I slept through Psychology 101 in college and never took it in High School. I looked at one site and apparently there was a major sexual revolution going on in Berlin in the early 1900s. I don't think this came from the TV since I was watching "Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger" when I fell asleep in the den and my wife didn't turn on the TV in the bedroom when she got home from work.

posted on Mar, 26 2005 @ 03:05 AM
I got a dream that freaked me out. My ex best friend and I were having lesbian relationship. We were doing stuff I that never enev crosses my mind. I am not that way. Anyway I woke up what the heck was that?
A couple months later I found out my best friend and ex best friend kissed. When I heard that I was all like, What did that dream have to do with me?

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