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Grow-op Game not for Toy Fair

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posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 06:15 PM

In a last minute decision, Tom Conely, president and chairman of the Toy Industry Association (TIA), banned the Grow Op game from exhibiting at the New York Toy Fair, set to run February 20-23....

The educational Grow Op game highlights the perils and risks involved in the marijuana 'grow op' business. It cautions the would-be grower by demonstrating that the road to easy money isn't an easy one...

Ivan Solomon, a spokesman from the Bored Games Corp. commented that games promoting violence, gun use and crime are commonplace at the Toy Fair. "How could a board game that advocates sensibility before crime be more harmful than the video games, toy guns, and warfare games that have killing and war as their main theme?"

Grow Op Game Banned

I think this is not fair, there are a multitude of games out there that teach greed and murder and street racing and deuling monsters. A game that shows people the negatives will educate them and in turn help them make better choices in real life.

This company is trying to get a product on the market and the New york toy fair is a key selling opportunity. I can't see why they need to be banned.

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