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The marioneta show

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posted on Jun, 16 2018 @ 07:28 AM

My mum and dad were the television
they talk, I listen.
Now I'm older
I can spread their view
I'm a walking transmission
All I can say is
those old people
were just following
the medieval way.
Country bumkins
silly old fools.
They were just workers
tools of the elite.
But nowadays, were modern
we follow no orders
no religion
we live our life
Crossing borders.
Were living
in the age of smartness
and beauty.
All the ugliness
we've kicked aside
Nowadays, we love the glossiness
chemical muscle
and silicon booty.
What would cavemen say
if they saw our marvellous
Pizza, pills and artificial insemination.
Were on the road to creating
The neo-human-robotic race
how brave we are,
let's fit ourselves with a new face.
All you have to do
is copy and paste.

Eliberocelta June 2018
edit on 16-6-2018 by ancientthunder because: spell check

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