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Political Spam

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posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 02:27 PM
Recently reading an article on The Drudge Report when i stumple across this wonderful show of Spam at the bottom of the article:

Democratic party - Are You Glad Bush Won? Respond Now And Get A Free Laptop Computer aff

Democratic Party - Article in US News Read it online. Free Trial!

Are You Happy Bush Won? - Vote now, see what America thinks today and get a $250 Starbucks card

I realize that probably every party is represented by this or has had their name used by this sort of con, however i feel that this shows the shame that has come over both major political parties. They do no crack down of misuses of their name. These parties (both democrat and republican) need to revamp and reorganize their parties. Their views are too broad and their missions are becoming lost. This chaos and hijacking of the political parties is causing them to splinter and others are forming new groups, which isn't a bad thing. If anything that is a good thing. It's political evolution. It will be interesting to find out what comes out of the Republican groups that feel Bush is a liberal for his world reaching foriegn policy and anti american trade policy, and to see what come out of those who feel Pelosi and Clinton are becoming right wing.


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