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Time isn't real so what does that mean?

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posted on May, 30 2018 @ 08:34 AM
Why then have the Sumer went to all the trouble of Quantifying time , and dividing it to make it more manageable, I think it has to do with it being directly observable on the macro scale

on the quantum scale we are not directly observing particles , but using advanced machinery to do this for us , or using mathematical calculations to simulate reality or predict reality.

is time only relevant in the macro world because its affect is observable where as on the quantum we cant directly observe the passage of time?

Has it simply to do with conscious observation?

Ok so from what I've read , i'm leaning towards the point at which time no longer functions or is relevant to human observation is the point where we cannot directly observe a particle or quantum effect.
So moving from the subatomic scale to the subnuclear scale possibly
again I think it has to do with mass/ gravity , which seems the most obvious
Our reality , is limited by our perception using our senses , and our senses were evolved in a time dependent dimension of objects with high mass, low energy and low vibrational frequency

Objects in the universe which have high mass , are affected by gravity and also time , objects with nearly zero mass (sub nuclear particles) , are not affected by time .

Do all subnuclear particles have high energy levels compared to macro particles/matter ?

because im thinking , low mass, high energy , high frequency vibration, out with time , and those particles exist in both this dimension and also another we only see the tip of the iceberg sort of

High mass , low energy , low vibration ? , (solids , liquids , gases , plasma ) embedded in time

these are all just ideas im spewing out my head

I will need to spend more time thinking about it
its fun to think about it though
good thread

posted on May, 30 2018 @ 08:47 AM
I guess thinking about it again , if time is irrelevant in the quantum world as there is no definition between events on the quantum scale , then it is irrelevant also on the reverse because, humans cannot perceive the quantum world, and the one world we can perceive is the physical 3rd dimension which all of our sense organs evolved in!

Therefore time being an illusion is also illusory because humans cannot perceive that time doesnt exist on the quantum realm as we cannot directly observe this?

So saying that time is an illusion really has no affect on human lives , because unfortunately for us we do not live in a quantum realm , we are subject to the physical laws of the 3rd dimension and through our own circumstances we are also subject to the laws of the quantum world, which cannot be perceived by a human so they are also irrelevant to our lives !
yet somehow mold and shape every aspect of the physical 3rd dimension WEIRD!

"the only certainty in life is death and taxes"

In any case , does time not exist in the quantum world only because we have observed this ?
I mean is there any way to know that time is behaving as expected if we are not observing this ?

Sorry for all the questions , I get a bit too excited

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