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MMORPGs on the consoles

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 01:05 PM
First a quick story: I figured I'd take the cheap route and track down an old style PS2, buy the Final Fantasy game (that came with a Harddrive) and the network adapter. I play for a while and realize that I should've went the other way: Bought a decent gaming computer and EQ, EQ2 or WoW. I think that way because I found out that Sony is no longer supporting the Harddrive and might not even make any more MMORPG type games. On top of that, I'm not really feeling FFXI.

My question to you all is. Why is that? I thought the potential was there, but it wasn't promoted as it should have been. Personally, I think the MMO market could taken advange of the fact that most people have better access to a PS2 or Xbox and even GC than a big gaming rig.

But, I've heard that the video card giants won't like it, mainly because if concole MMO gaming was possible, they will not be able to sell their expensve video cards.

So, what do you guys think?

EDITED to add: I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I may be wrong. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.

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