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Racial Reconciliation

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 09:18 AM
What will it take? We have had some great movements in the US and throughout the world as far as the civil rights battle goes. Martin Luther King had a fantastic message and got a lot in this nation changed. However, all he did was create laws. Racial reconciliation is much more than that; it’s removing prejudice from people’s hearts. So what will it take for this to happen? Too many people think that we can make laws and it will fix the problem. Yet, we still have the KKK, skinheads, and many other hate groups out there. It doesn’t even have to be groups, and all races are guilty of this. So what is it going to take to open everyone’s eyes and hearts, myself included, to see that we hold these prejudices and to release them? God created all of us and loves us all. He doesn’t love White folks more, Black folks more, Asian folks more, Hispanic folks more, etc. What will it take to open our hearts to this reality?

BTW, I had no idea where to put this, please move it to the correct thread and delete this sentence if you know where it should be.

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 10:00 AM
When people accept responsiblity for themselves and their own actions instead of blaming some one else or religion for their problems. People need to realize every race & religion on this planet has had slaves, commited genocide, raped & pillaged, stole land, and have committed crimes against humanity. There seems to be a standard, accetable train of thought in this day and age that every thing is the white mans, fault. This has to end. Slavery still exists in the year 2005, I don't see anyone making an effort to stop what goes on in Africa, Asia, or the middle East. Everyone wants to blame the West & Christianity. People need to dive into the past farther than 500 years ago.
1. the majority of Europeans were slaves under Roman rule.
2. the British Isles (U.K.) were enslaved by the Vikings.
3. the Middle East was entirely Christian for almost 400 years before Islam came along. The Middle East was also Jewish, before Christianity came along. The middle East was aslo Zoastrian, worshipped Baal in Carthage, & Moloch the owl God who demanded human sacrifice.
3. Turkey was originally part of the Empire of Eastern Rome called Byzantium, which was the center of christainity for hundreds of years thanx to Constantine.
4. The Ottoman Turks demanded the first born son of all conquered people and made them Jannisaries (a ferocious fighting force) and forced conversion to Islam.
5. The Turks did the same thing as the Nazi's. Nazi's exterminated Jews. The Turks exterminated millions of Amenian Slavic Christians during WW1.
6. Millions of white women & children are still being exported to the middle east, Africa, & Asia in this day & age. Mostly from Eastern Europe.
6. The North American, Central American, & South American Native Aboriginal Indians also are guilty of war, & human sacrifice. They are not the warm & fuzzy peace loving environmentalists the media portray them as. They are human like everyone else.
7. The Inuit admit to exterminating an earlier timid people already in North america.
8. Witch burning still is practiced in Africa & South America.
9. Men aren't the only ones corruptable by power. Catherine the Great (Russia), Queen Isabella (Spain), Queen Victoria (England at the height of it's power) are examples that the world still functions the same whether a man or woman is in charge.
10. Alexander the Great was thought to have been possibly gay as well as many other ancient rulers like Richard the Lion Hearted and the world didn't improve under homosexual rule either.
Basically every negative thing in the media is directed at White Christian males when talking about prejudice & discrimination but in reality, every single race, religion, & sex is just as guilty.

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 11:15 AM
"What will it take?"

Oh, another thousand years of interbreeding to remove any singular characteristics of pigment color. Once every member of society has some lineage and characteristics of all races, no one will concern themselves with the issue. Its slowly happening.

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