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Yep, It's Another Government Screw-Up

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 02:56 AM
It turns out that some U.S. meat inspectors decided "independently" to let some of the banned Canadian beef to be imported into the U.S., which is how the U.S. ended up with another case of Mad Cow disease in it's herds.

Doesn't it make you feel "safe" to eat beef knowing that people are "independently" making decisions to ignore the regulations put into place by the government and that that government isn't supervising these people properly? How many times does lack of appropriate supervision have to cause problems in the current administration before they get it?? I'll tell you one thing, anyone out there who knows anyone that is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease should tell them to get tested for Cruetzfeld-Jacobs Disease, which is the human variant of mad cow disease. It's out there.....and it's being covered up.....

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