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When the Earth was Formed

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posted on Apr, 16 2018 @ 01:11 AM
When the Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago, it took around 500 to 600 million years for life to form within it.

By the time life emerged, there were three interacting geospheres: the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere. From within the second geosphere, forming within the first geosphere, an "autogenic" cell emerged. This cell was formed from phospholipids that collapse into a spheroid shape; and within this shape, rudimentary chemical reactions formed - a proto metabolism. This proto metabolism was fed by the deep sea alkaline hydrothermal vents emitting sulphur, iron and other 'core metabolites'. Atmospheric nitrogen also found its way into the hydrosphere, and into the pores of these deep sea vents, and finally to be integrated into the self-organization of the autogenic cells.

At some point, the cells complexified by adding amino acids and nucleic acids into their processes. Later on, prokaryotes evolved into cells that housed smaller organelles inside of them. An Archaea (a type of prokaryote) swallowed a bacteria, and the eukaryotic cell emerged: the nucleated cell. The archea became the cell body and the bacteria became the nucleus. Later on, mitochondria emerged, and with them came the ability to make the cell 'portable', and no longer need to rely upon proximity to the energy source (as in the deep sea pore). Mitchondria process oxygen; and oxygen was available in the atmosphere as well in the water (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide and a sort of 'proto-mitrochondrion' allowed the cell to source energy in the water around it.

Fast forward 4 billion years, and life has colonized the planet. It covers it; on land and in the oceans, in caverns and under ground. Each cell is powered by a complex yet logically organized set of compartments with bidirectional communication patterns. In multicellular organisms, the bioenergetic logic of homeostasis becomes organized around a higher semiotic logic. This higher logic can be conceived as a set of patterns of interaction between elements around a 'singular' theme: survival. This means every behavioral state of an organism is itself the 'singularity' that hold's the elements of the parts in question together.

The above diagram shows how the world we live and experience is upheld by 5 interacting 'spheres'. The first three, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, seem 'immaterial', but they are essential background conditions for biological processes to operate. The fourth, or the biosphere, is the expression of cellular activity and cellular expression around higher and higher forms. But what are the 'higher forms'? What are the dynamical processes forming around?

The reading of patterns, or discriminating the coherence of a signal, could have to do with finding a geometrical 'continuity' with the outside world. The cell is a dynamical construction which self organizes with reference to a 'field' of external energies that are constantly shifting in tandem with the shifting's of the cell. The cell grows, always in terms of the 'proximal zone of development' (Vygotsky's term for any sort of developmental progression in living systems). But it's growth is almost like a puzzle. The world yields what it yields, and it's very random at what gets what and what becomes realized. In any case, the realization of morphological form is determined by physical constants imposed by the laws of thermodynamics and the law of gravity on the molecular behavior of the cells dynamics. The higher level 'wave' seems to have an entraining function on the lower level 'waves'. Its fractal like; and yet, at the observational level, a spider is a weird looking creepy sort of creature which has genetically 'locked in' this way of being 300 million years ago. It's higher order 'structuring' includes influences from many different domains; but there is also a great deal of continuity - a transforming of behavior from one functional use to another functional use is the modus operandi of evolution.

This higher level wave is identical to semiosis - or meaning making. Each animal constitutes its own semiosphere, yet it appears to be only the human which lives in a semiosphere which is populated by perceptions, feelings and meanings, all of which are dynamically contiguous with the physiological processes of the body itself.

The humans entrance into a 'semiosphere', or the awareness of itself in the process of perceiving, feeling, and cognizing, carries the quality of the 'existential' - or the awareness of our awareness, and the exploration of our awareness.

The human semiosphere was borne at least 200,000 years ago, but it had important antecedents in Homo Heidelbergensis, and back to Homo Erectus one million years ago. The transformation of meaning in humans follows the 'nodes' of 'association'. Association, however, follows the larger scale contours of 'functional' motivational states - i.e. hunger, sex, anger, etc. The modes of being we adaptively assume in relation to the objects of the external world constitute 'nodes' in the expression of a very complex web of relations that are embodied in the real space-time environment of your social existence. The changing of the feeling changes the architectural nodes of your awareness.

The above description is the description of an archetype. Archetypes are clichés. They are past patterns which, based upon vital interactional symmetry processes, become psychologically embodied in the neurological architecture of cell-networks. The archetype IS the body, whereas the mental subjective experience is the 'most inner part' of the pyramidal type ontology which hierarchically places existential meaning at the 'top' of the ladder.

Whatever meaning a power has assumed, anywhere, since the emergence of our species, has always been generated bottom-up in the sense that it is fed by material from real life experiences. 200,000 years ago, the environment was drastically different from today, and so its extremely hard to imagine what human consciousness was like back then. But its not impossible to allow yourself to imaginatively infer what, based upon your own human experience, would be just as important to them as it is to modern day humans: affect regulation around the theme of existential meaning - 'why do I exist'? This is what the human be IS: the being created by the universe which contemplates its existence.

The objects of the world the mind picks up, plus the way these objects are transformed by archetypes, constitutes, it would seem, an 'ontological symmetry' between the world 'out there' and the 'mind' in here. 'Ideas' do exist, in the sense that a falcon manifests an 'idea' in its mode of 'aggressing'. Its general look also screams 'predator'. Yet, the falcon is as much the falcon for itself. When the human contemplates, or perceives in an animal a certain 'archetypal mode of being', we may legitimately read it as a 'sign' of 'nature', and also, illegitimately ignore its own existence and semiosis. The humans mode of 'existential knowing' lends the quality of 'divinity' to it. The eagle is no longer an eagle, but a metaphor for being better than. The quality of a human interest is projected into the animal, or perhaps, the quality quasi-present (and not fully and completely describing), but nevertheless, for the human, this is a symmetry between self and world. Ontologically, reality 'out there' is already implicitly present

posted on Apr, 16 2018 @ 01:14 AM
"in here" - in my biosemiotic neurological structuring.

The world proposes - it forces inferences and 'continuity' inside of us in order for us to keep up with what it is 'informing us' of. So the brain in all that it knows, really does know at a level that is real, in some way (not an essential or exhaustive way) to an element that is physically implicit in the body of language of the object.

Now, of course, magic implies that the universe itself is a sort of 'egg'. It correctly understands that mental processes and symbols matter. It may also perhaps pay good attention to the self-other dichotomy, or realize that mental objects have a sort of 'existence'. But what mental object for the human is the biggest?

The self, I'd say. It is precisely this "object" of thought which points most strongly to the 'observing' dimension of our experience. The self that observes, the self that knows, and the self which motivates social behavior, is a self that is synonymous with the evolutionary process itself: with the will of the organism to survive. It is from here, this implicit background 'motivating' process of homeostasis, appearing within us as the 'ipseity' of observing, and then reacting to an object, is essentially the result of a recognition dynamic that has love, or care, as an underlying precursor. Interpersonal recognition provides the sort of 'higher fractal wave' - of two people instead of one - infusing into you a 'dyadic expansion of consciousness'.

So to have an observing, self aware self, is to be indebted to love. It is love which creates and enhances knowing.
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posted on Apr, 16 2018 @ 04:06 AM
Nuh ah.. God did it all in 7 days.

A book told someone to tell me so.

All hail mighty maker of broke things. Oh he also invented the devil, to make sure that when you die, you did all the good things like not step on snails and torture cockroaches. Because the devil is a big snaily cockroach thing. And blows fire out of his butt. God though, will only smite you if you even say a swear.

Now close your eyes, forget that science mumbo jumbo, and here, take this book.

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posted on Apr, 16 2018 @ 07:27 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

The earth is slowly slowing down. Friction would have a lot to do with the growth of microbes. Earth has been struck by meteors, large & small multiple times since the beginning. We don't have enough evidence to say whether or not the earth was formed in 7 thousand years like the bible said or 7 million like modern science says. We still need to figure out a lot of other circumstances to fully conclude one of these theories are correct. I think the bible is right though, unless someone can make a crystal skull with primitive tools or build a pryimad with primitive tools, I'd say they don't really know lol. If they had our tech. they would have built better cities than this. If we had their knowledge we would have been to space by now.

posted on Apr, 16 2018 @ 07:49 AM

originally posted by: badw0lf
Nuh ah.. God did it all in 7 days.

A book told someone to tell me so.

All hail mighty maker of broke things. Oh he also invented the devil, to make sure that when you die, you did all the good things like not step on snails and torture cockroaches. Because the devil is a big snaily cockroach thing. And blows fire out of his butt. God though, will only smite you if you even say a swear.

Now close your eyes, forget that science mumbo jumbo, and here, take this book.
That's right. Here -- sit right down here.

That's it. Ha ha! This -- this is the same

genuine, magic, authentic crystal used by

the Priests of Isis and Osiris in the days

of the Pharaohs of Egypt -- in which

Cleopatra first saw the approach of Julius

Caesar and Marc Anthony, and -- and so on

-- and so on. Now, you -- you'd better

close your eyes, my child, for a moment --

in order to be better in tune with the

infinite. We -- we can't do these things


posted on Apr, 16 2018 @ 10:18 AM
The earth was never formed... the sound made to communicate was. So were all of the rest of these words. They only speak a relative truth and not an absolute one.

So when you opened this post? You formed the Earth; understand? Hope so; otherwise you have none to stand on.

That's the secret of the old philosopher's "stone". The wish fulfilling jewel of word giving birth to what is clearly there without anything to help it be there... not sight, not sound, smell/not taste, not tactile sensation of contact that leads to those others.

The emptiness is form and form is emptiness; speaks volumes to the: Deaf, infinity to the: Blind, and all pervasive space that never ceases to all those that refuse to see or listen to the same.

The span or length of that either or neither; depends on attention, concentration and focus... "time" being a relativistic concept? Varies based on the afore mentioned principle, of communication agreements or synchronization; of two concepts yet really still just ONE.

If all things are returnable to one; then what is the one returnable too? The self that is no self, and the no self that is all else. Many call that a godhead; yet, no God nor Brahma can be said to be the maker or creator of all of this; self and not self. Empty phenomena roll on; dependent on conditions; all.

The words or sounds is a song of the heart; not the "mind" the mind is universal in it's grasp and clinging, the appetite is craving and desire... food; the eye only craves in an animal, the ear the same, the nose and tongue discriminate later as to what is food and what is not food; as life of all sorts; "teeth or mouth" on various forms, the watchers of them keep a close eye on what they think/feel is proper; of course in adulthood of various types; the one's that were "taught" can very well gauge what was right or wrong in those watchers appetites, as well as one's own. In that relativistic form of agreements? Of time and communication; there is proper and improper... even in the life that we deem as "lesser" have been through the life cycle enough themselves; to know this also... if not; then various sleep and wake cycles have caused a knot in attention.

Those knots; are those so called flowers/cakra/ or wheels that are said to be put in motion... the root(seat, ground, firmament), genitals(the desire to reproduce/build/grow) Happy Spring/Rains BTW. The navel(craving or appetite for food/thirst), The heart( knowing where those below belong in wisdom), The throat(saying those truths/or remaining silent so others may grow in that wisdom), the 3rd eye; the seat of wisdom that vibrates against((hearing) one pointedness with the two other eyes as clear seeing or knowing of being)), The crown; The will or wheel of life that is free as one's possession. The body has all seven of these as states of being lol at the so called (several states in politics) when the 8th is mastery that can be a continual dwelling... Once that has occurred; the birds bees do their job just fine with those flowers and trees.

Einstein said something about the bees; while poison is being used to disrupt their receptors to cause intentional hive collapse... and people are worried about a small little atom saying; "Hey; lets split."(That occurs an immeasurable amount in a continuous cycle. All over the "Earth" you created, and of course... The all pervasive space required to simply; inhale and exhale; to make room for expansion and contraction; of all forms of I am. "I am." is a statement; not a verse to be singing about.


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