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The Destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria

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posted on Jul, 7 2003 @ 03:21 AM
That innocent muslims comment is VERY UNFAIR.

Christianity was besieged by an Enemy whose doctrine at the time taught to not only destroy or convert all Christians, but all other people's as well.

Among their crimes was taking the Holy land from the rightful owners.

Besieging an innocent Empire minding its own business.

And invading Europe.

Innocent...yeah right.

posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 02:43 PM
If you really want to know why don't you go to Vatican City and ask all of the underground Catholic scientists.
In my opinion I think they probably had technology just about equal to ours, simply discovered in a different method, that's all.
I'm all for the Atlantis myth and Antarctica being Atlantis and the library probably had maps to Atlantis and the new world (America) and everywhere else.


posted on Jul, 14 2003 @ 06:42 PM
I'm sorry Tassadar, but you must seriously rethink your theories about Atlantis.

Antarctica has an ice sheet 9,000 feet thick, and has been accumulating that ice for as much as 100,000,000 years.

posted on Jul, 15 2003 @ 08:52 AM
Antarctica has land under it and how do you know it's 100,000,000 million years old? Carbon dating?
Haven't you heard carbon dating may be messed up?
Check up on your science: 30.xml


posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 02:58 PM
I disagree with you freemason. I don't think the ice sheet is that old. If Immanuel Velikovsky is right with his theory, than Antlantis could be anywhere under water, including in Antartica.

posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by MidnightDStroyer
One of the reasons that the Library (& the attached Museum as well) had so much knowledge is that the Ptolemic Pharohs had a law that *any* book or knowledge that entered Egypt was to be copied for inclusion to the Library...

Infact, the Egyptians, instead of demanding money as aksise when ships entered their harbours etc. which was common in the rest of the world, they instead demanded to copy (like you said) every book they had with them. Just a digression.

So, to you who mourn over the great loss of this wisdom, most books aren't lost, only a set of copies are lost. Though we all know how the old books were extremely fragile, so there are perhaps not much left of the originals if anything at all. But there are probably copies (of copies of copies) of most books still existing today.


[Edited on 23-7-2003 by mikromarius]

posted on Jul, 23 2003 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by FreeMason
I'm sorry Tassadar, but you must seriously rethink your theories about Atlantis.

Antarctica has an ice sheet 9,000 feet thick, and has been accumulating that ice for as much as 100,000,000 years.

I'll have to agree with you here, FreeMason
. Personally, I have another solution to the Atlantis myth:

The Atlantis myth exists on both sides of the Atlantic (though the names aren't the same). I believe these myths have evolved because of how people believed the Earth was flat back then (something sailors knew wasn't true). When you travel from Europe to America by boat, Europe "sinks" into the ocean and vice versa. I believe we're talking about early inter continental travels, not a lost civilisation.

This is what I believe created these myths:
Sailors told of a highly evolved civilisation they had visited. When people asked them where it was, they said:
"On the other side of the great ocean."
And the people who listened asked:
"Then why can't we see it?"
And the sailors replied:
"Because of knowledge you can't understand, Atlantis sunk in the ocean when we left."


posted on Jul, 25 2003 @ 11:22 PM
Damn Arabs set back human knowledge by thousands of years simply because they were religious fanatics...

The above is a quote from another reply.
The sad truth is that it wasn't the damn arabs or muslims.
It was the damn christians and their fanatical bigotry that did it. It was these assholes who burned the library down and plunged western civilization into the dark ages.
Also in the same city there was a greek or egyptian woman philosopher named Hypatia. In fact she may have been a
librarian at the one that was burnt to the ground.
Well would you believe these barbaric christians attacked
her in the street and tore her apart limb from limb?
A brave bunch of warriors they were attacking a defenseless woman and killing her.

But I admit maybe they the christians were trying to get
even with the pagans for persecuting them in the past.
So this was their revenge. Still it is nothing but pure hypocrisy on their part since they are supposed to love
their enemies and even help those who try to hurt them.
What about turning the other cheek?

Islam doesn't have a good record of tolerance.
Their fanaticism and bigotry are beyond dispute.
However christianity is just as bad. Maybe worse actually.
It's too bad the Romans weren't able to wipe them out
completely. They would have done the world a great favor.

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 02:09 AM
Actually it's because the Romans didn't wipe out Christianity that we are doing so well today.

While early christendom was very fanatical and by today's standards, very intollerant, it united the "democratic people's" of europe, where Democracy is almost imbred, into a more cohesive bond.

So when Rome fell, and Feudalism took it's place, rather than being conquered by invading Islams, and becomming a wretched society that almost all Islamic nations are today, Europe stood together as Greece did against the Persians in 490BC, and repelled the Islamic invaders.

Because of the more pagan attributes of Christianity, it is arguable that the more Democratic Values of the Tribes men of Europe survived through the ages, to again re-emerge as the people became more educated.

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 02:19 AM
Oh and actually I'm right about Antarctica...I'll be even more acredited when I manage to go there one of these years...

Antarctica gets probably 1 millimeter of "snow fall" a's not even really snow fall.

The air over most of Antarctica, is too cold to support almost ANY moisture...and because of the obvious amounts of Ice, even if Antarctica became frozen over night, there is not enough moisture in the air to form a 9000 foot thick sheet of Ice.

It has built up as core samples tell (no carbon dating as H2O has little carbon ... none to be precise but of course there is stray carbon here and there), no rather the samples are banded, as ice forms, and from that you can tell how old the ice is, like the rings on a tree.

Antarctica for many 10s of thousands of years now, has almost never seen snowfall or rainfall...

It rather has only seen a constant steady fall of microscopic ice particles, which of course, accumulate into such a mass, over extremely long periods of time.

Ice build up on the coasts is much quicker as the surrounding water is frozen, and as vast Ice "rivers" flow from the enterior, which while a large area recieves almost negligable amounts of ice per year, the even larger, VAST, huge, Ice-basins, fuel the massive glaciers.

Need I go on? Again this is all off the top of my head, but Antarctica is a facinating subject and I wouldn't mind proving that I'm generally correct...exact figures I tend to be slightly off...

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 02:22 AM
I just had to look up just how old the Antarctic Ice sheet is, it is over 30,000,000 years old...that's a long time for a myth to perpetuate...especially when Humans weren't even around to tell it, not even primates

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 03:00 AM
Its really sad to think about all of the knowledge we lost, and it kind makes me wonder how the world would be diffrent had it not been destroyed

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 07:38 AM

Originally posted by Tassadar
Antarctica has land under it and how do you know it's 100,000,000 million years old? Carbon dating?

Corbon14 dating isn't used for dating objects etc. that old as far as I know. Other methods are used. C14 is quite accurate on "younger" samples, but gets more and more inaccurate the older the object is as far as I know, and this may be due to a limited understanding about how carbon14 and other isotops actually halves. I read something about this some years back, but little is left in my memory. I think they use some kind of Argon isotop to date older objects.


[Edited on 26-7-2003 by mikromarius]

posted on Jul, 26 2003 @ 11:34 PM
No actually mikromarius, the unpredictability of Carbon Dating for objects older than about 40,000 years, stems from the fact that C-14 enters the bodies and cells of organisms through the atmosphere...theoretically through C02 in plants and then into animals that eat the plants.

Well ice samples tested from say antarctica, show that the C-14 levels change, and 40,000 years ago it was a bit different than it is now...and so dating objects much older than that can be haphazard.

Also, C-14 dating is based on probability, the probability that so and so much of C-14 is in the animal, well that leaves room for a few animals to have more decayed C-14, from say, eating a really old plant
or less C-14 than is normal...which will throw off the dating.

posted on Jul, 27 2003 @ 03:20 AM
From Freemason>

Actually it's because the Romans didn't wipe out Christianity that we are doing so well today.

While early christendom was very fanatical and by today's standards, very intollerant, it united the "democratic people's" of europe, where Democracy is almost imbred, into a more cohesive bond.

Despite the existence of christianity we have acheived
a great deal of progress today.
I doubt that this is due to any religion at all or despite it.
As for democracy as we know it today,that is more the product of the humanistic enlightenment and not christianity.
It is because of the enlightenment that we have a separation of church and state and a more secular society where the power of religion is held at bay.
There never was anything democratic about christianity to begin with.

Actually as bad as islam was the Arabs were culturally and scientifically ahead of the Europeans during the dark ages. It was also the Arabs who had preserved many of the ancient greek and roman texts.
Much of what we know came from what they preserved .
Not just from what the monks copeid and wrote down in
their monasteries in Europe.

As we have progressed intellecually ,scientifically and technologically the power of the church has waned.
Go figure.

posted on Jul, 27 2003 @ 04:28 PM
FreeMason: Thanx for the info I didn't find time to dig up. Am I right about the Argon thing?

YogiBear: I liked your post. First of all because it's true, but also because it puts yet anothe nail in the coffin of the papacy.

According to the free book whose link I've posted in the new thread called the Third Angel's Message in Religion and Spiritualism, the papacy is the continuance of the throne of the Babylonian Sun god's highest priest who carried the Babylonian equivalent to the pope's title Pontifex Maximus together with the astrology-based number of 666. So is the papacy the beast that has sought to destroy everything and everyone that came in their way and could reveil their true spirit and their true god, the Dragon? Well, if you're interrested, please d/l the book and read for your selves, and make your mind up about these things.


posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 09:59 PM
I would have to agree that the Vatican had it Destroyed. Think of it as Monopoly Politics - Lets face it the "Holy Roman Catholic Church" didn't get its Power by making sure that the people were well educated - quite the opposite - the people were Controlled through their Maintained Ignorance - they always has to go to the RCC for Leadership. By destroying the Library at Alexandria it probably made it easy for them to put WORDS INTO JESUS'S MOUTH - the Inquisition & Dark Age followed shortly after. I maintain that the power of the "Emperor" of the "Roman Empire" was continued as none other than the "Pope" of the
"Holy Roman Catholic Church"!!!

Has it Occurred to anyone else that the "Christianity" that we have now might be Radically different than the "Christianity" at the time of Jesus?

Quote: "And there they remained until they fell into Templar hands, and clergy's hands, and eventually they leaked out into the world."

A thought just occurred to me - Perhaps this lost treasure of the Wisdom & Knowledge of the Ancient World - which is beginning to look far more advanced than people give it credit for - IS THE HOLY GRAIL ITSELF!!!

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 09:20 AM
Does anyone know what the vaticans libary of ancient volumes contains? The vatican has its own museams, restoration labs, etc. In fact if I remember correctly the Vatican is the number 1 art restorer in the world. They have thier own Postal, diplomatic, intelligence, and military, as well as libraries and art/historical vaults and museams. Is there any way to access this info other than in person? I know if you are an accredited professor you can get a research visa (yes you need a visa as the vatican is its own country) But do they have any online archives?

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