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My kids' school "event" in place of the student Walkout protest.

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posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 12:59 PM

originally posted by: MissionTruth
I have friends in the area that there kids were texting them that they are being forced to walk-out against there will or the government will pull the schools funds from all schools who don't partake in this event. The parent contacted teachers and that's the story. I did some research and found this.

There are many other traitors in Congress (aka RINOs) who are working secretly to take all firearms from the American people.
State of the Nation

H.R. 5087: Assault Weapons Ban of 2018
“H.R. 5087 bans the possession, sale or transfer of most semiautomatic rifles and shotguns as well as many semiautomatic pistols currently in production.”[1]

KEY POINT: How did these traitors even write H.R. 5087 so quickly?!
The list of assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons is so exhaustive that
this bill must have been written well in advance of the Parkland false flag
mass shooting. Then they carried out the Valentine’s Day Massacre to
create a frenzied anti-gun atmosphere in order to pass their subversive

It’s of paramount importance to understand that this treasonous bill effectively nullifies the Second Amendment.

The traitors listed below (all House Democrats) have brazenly co-sponsored unlawful gun legislation which not only violates their oath of office, it profoundly violates the U.S. Constitution.

This proposed “Assault Weapons Ban of 2018” effectively rescinds the right of every American to own and/or possess many types of firearms for their protection and for the defense of their property.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees:
“the right of the people to keep and
bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
The following list represents all the current co-sponsors of H.R. 5087. Each of these traitors to the American Republic needs to be held accountable for their seditious participation in what amounts to a conspiracy to subjugate the American Republic.

Cosponsors: (sorted alphabetically by last name)
Adams, Alma S. [D-NC-12]

Aguilar, Pete [D-CA-31]

Barragan, Nanette Diaz [D-CA-44]

Bass, Karen [D-CA-37]

Beatty, Joyce [D-OH-3]

Bera, Ami [D-CA-7]

Beyer, Donald S., Jr. [D-VA-8]

Blumenauer, Earl [D-OR-3]

Blunt Rochester, Lisa [D-DE-At Large]

Bonamici, Suzanne [D-OR-1]

Boyle, Brendan F. [D-PA-13]

Brady, Robert A. [D-PA-1]

Brown, Anthony G. [D-MD-4]

Brownley, Julia [D-CA-26]

Butterfield, G. K. [D-NC-1]

Capuano, Michael E. [D-MA-7]

Carbajal, Salud O. [D-CA-24]

Cardenas, Tony [D-CA-29]

Carson, Andre [D-IN-7]

Castor, Kathy [D-FL-14]

Chu, Judy [D-CA-27]

Clark, Katherine M. [D-MA-5]

Clarke, Yvette D. [D-NY-9]

Clay, Wm. Lacy [D-MO-1]

Clyburn, James E. [D-SC-6]

Cohen, Steve [D-TN-9]

Connolly, Gerald E. [D-VA-11]

Correa, J. Luis [D-CA-46]

Courtney, Joe [D-CT-2]

Crist, Charlie [D-FL-13]

Crowley, Joseph [D-NY-14]

Cummings, Elijah E. [D-MD-7]

Davis, Danny K. [D-IL-7]

Davis, Susan A. [D-CA-53]

DeGette, Diana [D-CO-1]

Delaney, John K. [D-MD-6]

DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3]

DelBene, Suzan K. [D-WA-1]

Demings, Val Butler [D-FL-10]

DeSaulnier, Mark [D-CA-11]

Deutch, Theodore E. [D-FL-22]

Doggett, Lloyd [D-TX-35]

Doyle, Michael F. [D-PA-14]

Ellison, Keith [D-MN-5]

Engel, Eliot L. [D-NY-16]

Eshoo, Anna G. [D-CA-18]

Espaillat, Adriano [D-NY-13]

Esty, Elizabeth H. [D-CT-5]

Foster, Bill [D-IL-11]

Frankel, Lois [D-FL-21]

Fudge, Marcia L. [D-OH-11]

Gallego, Ruben [D-AZ-7]

Garamendi, John [D-CA-3]

Gomez, Jimmy [D-CA-34]

Green, Al [D-TX-9]

Grijalva, Raul M. [D-AZ-3]

Gutierrez, Luis V. [D-IL-4]

Hanabusa, Colleen [D-HI-1]

Hastings, Alcee L. [D-FL-20]

Heck, Denny [D-WA-10]

Higgins, Brian [D-NY-26]

Himes, James A. [D-CT-4]

Hoyer, Steny H. [D-MD-5]

Huffman, Jared [D-CA-2]

Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]

Jayapal, Pramila [D-WA-7]

Jeffries, Hakeem S. [D-NY-8]

Johnson, Henry C. “Hank,” Jr. [D-GA-4]

Kaptur, Marcy [D-OH-9]

Keating, William R. [D-MA-9]

Kelly, Robin L. [D-IL-2]

Kennedy, Joseph P., III [D-MA-4]

Khanna, Ro [D-CA-17]

Kihuen, Ruben J. [D-NV-4]

Kildee, Daniel T. [D-MI-5]

Kilmer, Derek [D-WA-6]

Krishnamoorthi, Raja [D-IL-8]

Kuster, Ann M. [D-NH-2]

Langevin, James R. [D-RI-2]

Larson, John B. [D-CT-1]

Lawrence, Brenda L. [D-MI-14]

Lawson, Al, Jr. [D-FL-5]

Lee, Barbara [D-CA-13]

Levin, Sander M. [D-MI-9]

Lewis, John [D-GA-5]

Lieu, Ted [D-CA-33]

Loebsack, David [D-IA-2]

Lofgren, Zoe [D-CA-19]

Lowenthal, Alan S. [D-CA-47]

Lowey, Nita M. [D-NY-17]

Lujan Grisham, Michelle [D-NM-1]

Lujan, Ben Ray [D-NM-3]

Lynch, Stephen F. [D-MA-8]

Maloney, Carolyn B. [D-NY-12]

Maloney, Sean Patrick [D-NY-18]

Matsui, Doris O. [D-CA-6]

McCollum, Betty [D-MN-4]

McEachin, A. Donald [D-VA-4]

McGovern, James P. [D-MA-2]

McNerney, Jerry [D-CA-9]

Meeks, Gregory W. [D-NY-5]

Meng, Grace [D-NY-6]

Moore, Gwen [D-WI-4]

Moulton, Seth [D-MA-6]

Murphy, Stephanie N. [D-FL-7]

Nadler, Jerrold [D-NY-10]

Napolitano, Grace F. [D-CA-32]

Neal, Richard E. [D-MA-1]

Nolan, Richard M. [D-MN-8]

Norcross, Donald [D-NJ-1]

Norton, Eleanor Holmes [D-DC-At Large]

O’Rourke, Beto [D-TX-16]

Pallone, Frank, Jr. [D-NJ-6]

Panetta, Jimmy [D-CA-20]

Pascrell, Bill, Jr. [D-NJ-9]

Payne, Donald M., Jr. [D-NJ-10]

Pelosi, Nancy [D-CA-12]

Perlmutter, Ed [D-CO-7]

Peters, Scott H. [D-CA-52]

Pingree, Chellie [D-ME-1]

Pocan, Mark [D-WI-2]

Polis, Jared [D-CO-2]

Price, David E. [D-NC-4]

Quigley, Mike [D-IL-5]

Raskin, Jamie [D-MD-8]

Rep. Wilson, Frederica S. [D-FL-24]

Rice, Kathleen M. [D-NY-4]

Richmond, Cedric L. [D-LA-2]

Rosen, Jacky [D-NV-3]

Roybal-Allard, Lucille [D-CA-40]

Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch [D-MD-2]

Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL-1]

Ryan, Tim [D-OH-13]

Sanchez, Linda T. [D-CA-38]

Sarbanes, John P. [D-MD-3]

Schakowsky, Janice D. [D-IL-9]

Schiff, Adam B. [D-CA-28]

Schneider, Bradley Scott [D-IL-10]

Scott, David [D-GA-13]

Scott, Robert C. “Bobby” [D-VA-3]

Serrano, Jose E. [D-NY-15]

Shea-Porter, Carol [D-NH-1]

Sherman, Brad [D-CA-30]

Sires, Albio [D-NJ-8]

Slaughter, Louise McIntosh [D-NY-25]

Smith, Adam [D-WA-9]

Soto, Darren [D-FL-9]

Speier, Jackie [D-CA-14]

Suozzi, Thomas R. [D-NY-3]

Swalwell, Eric [D-CA-15]

Takano, Mark [D-CA-41]

Titus, Dina [D-NV-1]

Tonko, Paul [D-NY-20]

Torres, Norma J. [D-CA-35]

Tsongas, Niki [D-MA-3]

Vargas, Juan [D-CA-51]

Velazquez, Nydia M. [D-NY-7]

Visclosky, Peter J. [D-IN-1]

Walz, Timothy J. [D-MN-1]

Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [D-FL-23]

Waters, Maxine [D-CA-43]

Watson Coleman, Bonnie [D-NJ-12]

Welch, Peter [D-VT-At Large]

Yarmuth, John A. [D-KY-3]
(Source: H.R.5087 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2018)

State of the Nation
March 5, 2018


[1] The Expanded Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

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That looks like awfully damniing information. You have a source?

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: bigfatfurrytexan

I can think of lots of examples of civil disobedience ending in violence.
All too often.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 01:38 PM

originally posted by: Bluntone22
a reply to: bigfatfurrytexan

I can think of lots of examples of civil disobedience ending in violence.
All too often.

Of course. I can think of examples of just about anything ending in violence, including childrens soccer games and elementary school festival cake walks.

Im just pointing out that you mischaracterized what civil disobedience is. Violence is not civil disobedience. Its violence.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: bigfatfurrytexan

I presumed Bluntone meant the usual suspects take it too far, the left has lost the credibility of the benefit of the doubt that they will conduct peaceful protests.

The left's protests tend to end in violence or straight shouting.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 08:42 PM
a reply to: Butterfinger

I would guess trying to show them something faaaar more statistically likely to happen to them than a school shooting.

Take the moment and work with it sort of thing?

posted on Mar, 16 2018 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: eNumbra

Kids can’t possibly be legitimately concerned about school safety,

except it not a walkout. walkouts are done w/o permission usually to harm profits.

this was a state-sanctioned event, conforming to government approved opinion and at government venue. these kids arnt brave, they are matching with the approval of the government to demand the government take their rights...

if this was a protest what about the kids that didn't toe the government approved line for gun control:

oh yeah their silenced...

what happens when a school doesn't allow student to voice the state approved gun conrtol opinion:< br />
oh they are investigated for non-conformance.

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