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Spy on your neighbors!

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 03:47 PM
I’m surprised I didn’t find this site already here on BTS. It’s pretty darn awesome. The website is . It is most awesome, you download this program (I got keyhole lt 2 because I don’t have an NVidea video card) and sign up for a 7 day trial with just your email address. That was 2 days and I haven’t gotten a single thing from them besides my confirmation code (including an answer to my question about the nv version working with my Radeon 9800 Pro video card

The program lets you view satellite images throughout the world with resolutions up to 1 foot per pixel. In Chicago, you can see make and model of cars! I can see the pool in my parent’s backyard, as well. The nv version also allows you to do this with Mars satellite images

Highly recommended!
Happy spying!

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