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Denial of Truth

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 03:39 PM
12,000 Years

The oldest proof that aliens visited Earth is a 24,000 years old (if I got the number right, or it was 10 times greater) drawing in a cave (can't recall where this cave is but I think somewhere in ex-SSSR). On this drawing one can see people waving at some flying saucers.
There is an indian telling about a great teacher who came from the skies to teach the indians many usefull things. After many years he had to leave and it was a great tragedy for the indians.
Maraprayana is the name of an hindu (I guess it is hindu) epic that tells the story about the gods that came from the sky in flying devices and in silver uniforms.

The above are only a few of a million proofs that there IS extraterrestrial life. The above is also a proof that these aliens, that keep visiting us, are not our enemies. They had over 20,000 years to eradicate us, and yet they did not. Yet, the governments are still lying us that there are no aliens and that we are allone in our corner of the universe. Why is it so?

12,000 Soldiers

Civilizations (later nations) are in war with each other almost from the day the started to exist. Humans were in war even while they still lived in caves, dressed in boiled leather and hunted in the praerie. War is in our blood.
Today, more money is beeing spent for weapons, research (of new weapons), and training of soldiers than for anything else in the world. Almost every technology known today is in some way related to research of weapons. The computers were primarily developed for war, for an example. Not to mention atomic energy. Today, for many people, the war industry ensures surviving. How many generals, researchers, and soldiers can feed their families thanks to the war (the exception are fanatics of various religions)? But they don't have to worry; they will survive as long as there is war. And since we are all humans there will be allways war. Am I right?

12,000 Colonists

What will happen if aliens will expose themselves to us one day? My guess is that everything will turn to space development then. Every researcher will work on new technologies learned from the outsiders. Every person will only think about the alien worlds and the possibility to be a colonist on Mars or Europe. All founding will turn to infrastructure on the moon and orbital shipyards. There will be no reason to fight when there is the whole space waiting for us. I can allready see the agencies giving young and perspective people the "chance to recreate humanity on planet X".
This is only possible if the aliens are coming in peace. But we had over 20,000 years of them visiting us and we are still alive. If they want to eradicate us they would have done it years and years ago. If they are smart enough, of course. I guess the are since they visited us from only God know where.

12,000 Lies

And what would happen to the war industry? It would cease to exist. There would be no need for soldiers and weapons when there is an advanced alien race that came in peace to help us prosper. They have surely met other alien civilizations but every advanced civilization could understand that there is no need for war when 99.999999999% of space is empty. Every race has plenty of space to expand and prosper.
According to that our military would be dismissed. Countless generals and soldiers would lose their "job" and along with that all the founding they enjoyed for years. Today, when money is most valued, everyone's greatest fear is not to have enough money. This is why the army keeps telling the government how their "research" and "scientist" have proofs that the aliens will one day come and conquer our nice blue and green spot close to the Sun. That is why they keep telling that we need new weapons to ensure that our civilization will survive.
When someone has a secret that makes him think that he has power over other people. When someone has a secret then he has to keep it secrets and he needs more money to make sure that no one will steal the secret. Also, since an alien plane crashed someone has to keep it secret so no one will steal the valued research from it. So again he needs money to keep that secret and do useless research that will again be secret. And he needs more money... And so on in a magical circle that has no end.

12,000 Suns

We have a great chance to spread in the Universe and still we keep playing our little games of "I-have-a-secret" while there are countless secrets in the Universe that just await for us.
We have a great chance to prosper and still we keep playing our little games of "I-have-a-bigger-gun" while there are virtualy no limits in the Universe. Just imagine where would we be now if all the money spent on spy satellites would have been spent on some technology that would allow faster travelling trought space.
We have a great chance to become the Masters of the Universe and still we keep playing our little games of "I-am-a-god". The truth is not out there. The truth is here. We just have to reach for it instead for the gun on our back.

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 04:14 PM
Ah...okay. Smoke another one.....

But seriously, there is a lot of proof that this planet was visited by ET's thousands of years ago in all kinds of art and literature. Why not? If they are far more advanced than we are, they certainly could be so far more advanced than us that they have been traveling here for tens of thousands of years. Which, in the big scheme of things, is only an instant.


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