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Sydney Hilton Bombing

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posted on Feb, 15 2018 @ 12:06 PM
The Hilton Bombing is never going to be resolved as long as the Australian intelligence agencies deny they supplied the bomb and arranged for it to be placed in a bin outside the Hilton.

Here are some interviews with grieving relatives and injured survivors.

At 6:00 it is suggested Terry Griffiths carries "mental scars". Then at 8:30 we hear Terry knows he was blown up in a botched false flag.

Police who have been terribly injured by intelligence agencies in a bid to increase intelligence agency funding will be labelled as deluded sufferers by the establishment's media.

The 1979 Asio Act allowed the government to “close the door” on anyone investigating any crime committed by the secret service, Griffiths said.

“As a result of that we can’t get the people before the courts who are responsible for the bombing,” he told the crowd. “I appeal to everyone who has the power and the authority to look into the matter again and I hope they’ll take me seriously.”

We all have the power and the authority to look into this matter. There will be little hope of actual justice. The bomber is dead. His accomplice is dead. Both died recently. They were coerced into planting the bomb. Those who coerced them have been suffering a very high incidence of mental illness. Everyone else who could talk will be too scared or too attached to their everyday lives.

The Hilton Bombing.

If you really want to mess up a False Flag ask ASIO.

posted on Feb, 16 2018 @ 03:01 AM

NSW Special Branch was abolished in 1997, when they were found to have protected a paedophile judge, with the Hilton bombing gaining them an extra two decades of corruption, nepotism, and "dirt" files. They can comfortably be made the scapegoats now. But they could not have done this alone, which explains why this triple-murder at the birth of Australia's security state remains unsolved.

A hacker told me there was paedophilia at the heart of the Hilton case. I thought he was bluffing but now I wonder if there was some blackmail system operating and the planned discovery of the bomb had some relevance to that.

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