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strange "body parts" dreams...... need some input

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 05:43 AM
Not sure where to post this..

But, has anyone else here having an odd dreams about body parts? be it of other people losing one or ax murderers with body parts and decapitations?

ive been having so many, almost once or twice a week for the past year now and its getting a little disturbing.

theres really no one particular type of theme either with these.. it varies all the time and really no single body part. anything at all, but more so regarding the head.

killers going around and chopping heads and bodyparts off (usually saving them to make a souvenier. in one dream a killer made a body part tree our of them) , or demons attacking someone and they end up getting ripped in half and other graphic, freaky stuff like that. very very detailed.

most of the time i am very detached from the dreams storylines. im just standing there as a witness and not having anything to do with it or as if i were watching a movie...

very few have i ever been actually in danger in one of the dreams.

the people i dream about i dont even know. just random faceless people that dont have anything to do with me in real life or anything else.

i have never really had a dream of MYSELF losing one of developing some odd deformity of one, but recently i started having one where i am standing over my sink... and about to wash my hands, and i nonchalantly "unscrew" my left arm. no idea why, but i end up washing it.. but.. yet i still have two arms, so its as if i had 3.. and took off one. (LOL i know, it sounds silly..)
i am doing this as if i were taking off a piece of jewelry or something. then i put it back.

i had one other where i was able to dislodge my.. "thyroid?" im guessing, by clicking somethuing in my throat. it was "the new fad" in a dream regarding the future. also in this dream, i was standing in front of my kitchen sink. oddly, the last time i do it in the dream.. i cant get it back in. i can actually "feel" it.

thats pretty much it.

ive been looking back at my own life and seeing what could be causing these.

actually, ive had dreams on and off like this since i was a very young child.. like 3-4 years of age.. (according to my mom..). they sort of ceased (having once or two a year) until now. theyre coming all of the time.

no real personal reason behind this.

i really dont believe or relate in the theory that it might be "because i am feeling detached from myself or others" etc kind of dream interpretation.
this has been going on forever and they just get worse and worse. some can even be funny! but rarely.

any ideas?? or anyone else having the same thing or have?

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 09:02 PM
Are you a Christian? Maybe you are having dreams about the beheadings of the saint mentioned in the bible. Who knows?

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